13th September 2016
Eduardo Cunha, the man dubbed Brazil’s most corrupt, and former speaker of the lower house has been stripped of his seat. The chamber voted 450-10 to remove him from office. He was charged with corruption and denied the existence of Swiss bank accounts, he now faces arrest. Defending himself, he… Read More
12th September 2016
The former attorney general of Brazil said he believes the government of Michel Temer removed him from his post in order to sink the ongoing corruption probe investigating the massive corruption scandal involving the country’s state oil company. “I have no doubt that I was fired because the government wants… Read More
6th September 2016
Brazilian police launched an investigation of fraud at state-run companies’ pension funds on Monday, as a judge ordered dozens of senior financiers and executives away from their firms, including the chief executive of the world’s biggest beef exporter. Police carried out five arrests, more than two dozen interrogations and over… Read More
5th September 2016
When Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was kicked out of power, she became the biggest casualty of a massive corruption probe that is roiling Latin America’s largest country — even though she was never personally implicated in the scheme. Many of the lawmakers who voted to remove Rousseff are under investigation… Read More
2nd September 2016
The ousting of President Dilma Rousseff from office does little to further Brazil’s battle against high-powered corruption networks, suggesting instead she was the loser of a battle amongst the country’s powerful elites. On August 31, Brazil’s Senate voted 61 to 20 in favor of removing President Dilma Rousseff from office,reported… Read More
31st August 2016
Impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff have put a spotlight on corruption among Brazil’s lawmakers. Watchdog groups say about 60 percent of the 594 legislators in both chambers of Congress are being investigated for wrongdoing or already face corruption charges, including the three men in line to replace Rousseff if she is removed from office. Read More
26th August 2016
Brazilian police believe money related to the Olympics ticket touting scandal is “lodged in bank accounts all over the world” and that they may need to begin a new “money laundering” investigation to find out who was allegedly involved. Read More
24th August 2016
Brazilian police said on Tuesday that they had uncovered emails between International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Patrick Hickey and the head of the THG Sports hospitality company that discussed the illegal sale of Olympic tickets. Police… Read More
18th August 2016
Brazil’s federal auditing court TCU ordered on Wednesday the seizure of about 2.1 billion reais ($655 million) worth of assets from engineering firms Odebrecht SA and OAS SA and some of their executives, to recoup losses from contracts related to the country’s biggest ever corruption scandal. Brasilia-based TCU said in… Read More
17th August 2016
Brazil’s top court has authorised a probe into President Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva for allegedly attempting to obstruct the work of investigators into allegations of corruption. GloboNews reported that Supreme Court Justice Teoru Zavascki gave permission to prosecutor general Rodrigo Janot to look for… Read More