11th May 2016
Corruption is under the spotlight in much of Latin America today. Senators in Brazil will vote Wednesday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, who is accused of hiding a budgetary deficit to help her win re-election in 2014. But Brazil is far from alone. An anti-corruption wave seems to be sweeping across the region. Last year, Guatemala's former president, Otto Perez Molina, went to jail after a corruption scandal engulfed his government. Now leaders and dealmakers in Argentina, Chile and Venezuela are also being exposed for their own bribery or corruption scandals. Read More
11th May 2016
The impeachment proceedings against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff have put a spotlight on endemic corruption in the ranks of lawmakers. Some 60 percent of the 594 legislators in both chambers of Congress are being investigated for wrongdoing or are facing corruption charges, according to watchdog groups. Read More
4th May 2016
Rio de Janeiro's city council has set up a commission to investigate whether the city's Olympic projects were tarnished by corruption. Read More
4th May 2016
Brazil's Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has asked the Supreme Court to authorise an investigation against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for alleged corruption. Read More
3rd May 2016
Brazil's Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has asked the Supreme Court to authorise the start of corruption investigations against a prominent opposition leader, Senator Aecio Neves. Read More
25th April 2016
Brazil has said it repatriated $125m (£86m) last year siphoned off to foreign bank accounts by corrupt officials, politicians and businessmen. Read More
21st April 2016
Investigators in Petrobras corruption scandal vowed to continue search for more evidence in the scandal at the state-owned oil company. The investigation has also paired with president Dilma Roussef's impeachment. Read More
20th April 2016
A sweeping investigation into corruption in Brazil is targeting more infrastructure projects for this year's Olympic Games than previously made public, a federal prosecutor told Reuters, citing testimony from construction companies and executives. Read More
18th April 2016
Brazil’s president may soon lose her job over charges that she manipulated official accounts. Argentina’s former leader faced public inquiry last week in a money laundering probe. And Peru’s presidential front-runner has been forced to disavow her own father, convicted of embezzling millions of dollars in the 1990s and now sitting in prison. Read More
13th April 2016
Brazilian police arrested former senator Gim Argello on Tuesday, federal prosecutors said, as part of a two-year corruption investigation that has given momentum to impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff. Read More