24th June 2016
Eduardo Cunha, the suspended Speaker of Brazil’s House of Representatives, will be prosecuted for hiding offshore accounts Read More
23rd June 2016
Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday indicted Eduardo Cunha, the suspended speaker of the lower house of Congress, on charges of money laundering and illegal currency dealing, dragging the powerful politician further into the sweeping scandal involving state-oil company Petrobras. Read More
22nd June 2016
Brazil’s suspended House speaker, Eduardo Cunha, denied any criminal wrongdoing on Tuesday and said he will not resign, even though he has already been indicted for corruption and faces the risk of imminent arrest. The Supreme Court indefinitely suspended Cunha last month on charges of obstructing a corruption investigation, just… Read More
20th June 2016
The last place you’d expect to find one of Credit Suisse’s highest-paid executives in 2015 is Brazil, given all the political and economic challenges facing the country. But Sergio Machado’s 48.4 million reais ($14 million) paycheck ranks above that of every member of Credit Suisse’s executive board listed in the… Read More
17th June 2016
Momentum for the impeachment of Brazil’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff, was initially driven by large, flamboyant street protests of citizens demanding her removal. Although Brazil’s dominant media endlessly glorified (and incited) these green-and-yellow-clad protests as an organic citizen movement, evidence recently emerged that protests groups were covertly funded by opposition parties. Still, there… Read More
17th June 2016
Brazilian interim President Michel Temer on Thursday flatly denied his involvement in a corruption case that forced a third minister to step down. At a press conference, Temer mounted a spirited defense against allegations by Sergio Machado, former president of Transpetro, a subsidiary of state-owned oil company Petrobras, who admitted… Read More
16th June 2016
Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer denied on Wednesday allegations that he sought campaign funds for his party stemming from a graft scheme at state oil company Petrobras, implicating him in the country’s biggest ever corruption scandal. A plea deal by former Petrobras executive Sergio Machado, made public by the Supreme… Read More
15th June 2016
Issue will go to full chamber vote, likely in next few days Read More
8th June 2016
Brazil’s attorney general requested the arrest of four senior members of interim President Michel Temer’s party in connection to the country’s long-running corruption probe, a person familiar with the matter said, creating new political uncertainty for the government that stepped in for the country’s impeached leader. Read More
7th June 2016
Brazilian federal police on Tuesday raided the offices of the consortium responsible for Olympic construction projects at the Deodoro site in northern Rio de Janeiro as part of a major corruption investigation. Read More