6th April 2016
The federal agency responsible for monitoring money laundering across the country said that it has fined a Canadian bank more than $1.1 million for failing to report a suspicious transaction, a hefty penalty that is designed to send a message of deterrence in the financial sector. Read More
5th April 2016
Canada’s tax collectors want to get their hands on the so-called Panama papers, a vast collection of documents that lays bare details of offshore accounts and tax shelters. Read More
1st April 2016
The Sûreté du Québec have arrested 60 people and carried out 70 raids across Quebec as part of a massive police operation targeting contraband tobacco, drug trafficking and money laundering at an international level. The SQ say it is the largest operation against contraband tobacco and transnational crime. Read More
25th February 2016
Pecker and Vision allegedly solicited nearly $3 Million from more than 120 clients in the United States and Canada, while misappropriating almost $2 million of the funds for their personal use. Read More
19th February 2016
Magee Allegedly Fraudulently Solicited at Least $2 Million from at Least 30 Pool Participants in the U.S. and Canada, Misappropriated Participant Funds, and Sent Participants False Statements Reporting Non-Existent Profits. Read More
8th February 2016
VANCOUVER – Allegations of fraudulent practices and insider trading by some Metro Vancouver real estate agents have prompted the provincial New Democrats to call on the British Columbia government to investigate. Read More