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Italian prosecutor set for ‘historic’ anti-mafia court battle

After years of investigation, mountains of evidence and hundreds of suspects, Italy’s plucky anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri is gearing up for a “historic” court battle against the country’s powerful ‘Ndrangheta clan. The first salvos in a court battle were fired Friday as a preliminary hearing against ‘Ndrangheta members opened in… Read More

How to run a criminal network in a pandemic

“Promo Offer!” flashed up the advertisement on a Scottish vendor’s WhatsApp story, offering a discount on your next purchase if you referred five more customers. The updated price list offered further discounts for bulk buys. There was also a reminder to get orders in early, as, because of lockdown restrictions,… Read More

Arrests, seizures show Colombians processing cocaine in Europe

By Douwe den Held, InSight Crime, 24 August 2020 InSightCrime – Authorities in the Netherlands are discovering more cocaine processing facilities, but the dismantling of the largest one to date, staffed by Colombian workers, marks a new chapter for the country. In mid-August, a raid in the northern town… Read More
13th August 2020
When, in early July, detectives discovered a secret torture chamber halfway between the giant ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, it made a grim kind of sense that the room had been built in an old shipping container. The extreme gang violence that has been unravelling over the past decade… Read More
13th August 2020
A former employee of the U.S. Army agreed to a settlement with the U.S. Treasury Department to resolve allegations that the employee provided gifts to an individual designated by the U.S. as a narcotics trafficker, the department’s first settlement against an individual in several years. While the settlement, disclosed this… Read More
8th July 2020
By Anastasia Austin, InSight Crime, 7 July 2020 InSight Crime – A criminal group in Argentina has found a novel target for extortion: black market currency dealers who are moving large amounts of cash to dollar-hungry Argentines in an economy hit hard by the pandemic. Known as “cuevas,” or… Read More
7th July 2020
An Iranian conglomerate owned by the country’s military and tied to its missile program has established a retail foothold in Venezuela, according to officials and records detailing the move, deepening Tehran’s involvement with the Maduro government. The Iranian firm is working with the Maduro government’s troubled emergency food program, which… Read More
29th June 2020
By Parker Asmann, Steven Dudley and César Molinares, Insight Crime, 25 June 2020 Insight Crime – While a guilty plea for money laundering by a decorated University of Miami professor continues to send shockwaves through the academic, law enforcement and crime investigation communities, his Colombian go-between remains free, a walking example… Read More
21st May 2020
By Cecilia Anesi, Giulio Rubino, Nathan Jaccard, Antonio Baquero, Lilia Saúl Rodríguez and Aubrey Belford, OCCRP, 20 May 2020 OCCRP — As a wave of coronavirus infections hit Italy in late March, Rocco Molè, a member of the country’s ’Ndrangheta organized crime group, was faced with a dilemma. He was… Read More
7th May 2020
The US government has rejected calls for closer monitoring of efforts to fight trade-based money laundering (TBML), despite an independent audit concluding that significant strategic improvements are needed. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) – a non-partisan congressional watchdog – had been asked by US senators to examine the steps taken… Read More
7th May 2020
Police have arrested 101 people and recovered 19,000 stolen artefacts in an international crackdown on gangs trafficking art stolen from war-stricken countries, museums and archaeological sites, Interpol said Wednesday. The massive operation, carried out in 103 countries, led to seizures of coins from different periods, archaeological objects, ceramics, historical weapons,… Read More
27th April 2020
Colombia’s chief prosecutor asked the Supreme Court to investigate the role of the country’s agriculture minister in the alleged misappropriation of emergency coronavirus funds. In a joint press conference with the inspector general and the comptroller general, chief prosecutor general Francisco Barbosa announced that Agriculture Minister Rodolfo Zea was among… Read More
22nd April 2020
Latin American governments have implemented some of the swiftest measures in the world to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. El Salvador closed its borders to foreign travelers and imposed a national quarantine on March 12, a full week before the country registered its first case of COVID-19, the… Read More