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Atlantic Entrance to Panama Canal Awash with Cocaine

By Saskia Wright and Anastasia Austin, InSight Crime, 10 June 2021 InSight Crime — Panama’s northern province of Colón, sitting at the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal, is seeing a staggering increase in drug seizures, raising questions about its role in the Central American cocaine pipeline. Read More

Mafia Boss Claims Venezuela-Turkey Cocaine Connection

InSight Crime — A Turkish mafia boss, who has been making a number of extraordinary claims about his country’s elites and organized crime, has alleged that a plan was set in motion to traffic cocaine from Venezuela to Turkey, opening up a new supply route. In a… Read More

Donkey Skin Trafficking on Colombia’s Northern Coast

By Cesar Molinares, InSight Crime, 14 May 2021 InSight Crime — The outrage began where it often does: with a cute photograph of the animals in question. In the photo, the donkeys appear to be leaning into the camera for a group shot, their ears pointing in different… Read More
9th May 2021
For years, many Texans charged with driving while intoxicated and drug possession turned to the attorney riding the RV decorated with marijuana leaves. Known as the “DWI Dude,” James Morris Balagia prided himself on getting people accused of serious crimes acquitted or their charges lowered. His motto fit his carefree… Read More
3rd May 2021
A Chinese money-launderer was about to pick up Mexican drug-cartel cash in Chicago, federal authorities say, when his plans suddenly changed. They say the suspected launderer got a call from a man he thought was a Mexican money courier who told him they needed to change their meeting place because… Read More
3rd May 2021
By Shane Sullivan, InSight Crime, 30 April 2021 InSight Crime – A dozen people in Colombia are accused of laundering nearly $100 million belonging to crime groups ranging from a Mexico cartel to a Colombian drug gang – in a case that reveals how brokers offer their… Read More
27th April 2021
They bring drinking water to residents in the arid scrublands, teach farming workshops and offer medical checkups. They mediate land disputes, fine cattle rustlers, settle divorces, investigate crimes and punish thieves. They’re not police officers, civil servants or members of the Venezuela government, which has all but disappeared from this… Read More
20th April 2021
By Besar Likmeta, Edmond Hoxhaj and Perparim Isufi, BIRN, 20 April 2021 BIRN – At first glance, Michigan resident Ylli Didani was a successful businessman with stakes in companies in the United States, Albania and Kosovo, where he enjoyed a business relationship with a former security aide… Read More
12th April 2021
At 5am on a chilly Tuesday morning last month, 1,600 police officers and balaclava-wearing special forces, bristling with arms and battering rams, were ordered into action around the Belgian port city of Antwerp. More than 200 addresses were raided in what was the largest police operation ever conducted in the… Read More
6th April 2021
A sophisticated human trafficking network dismantled in Colombia, illustrates a pattern in how Venezuelan citizens, particularly women, are recruited. On March 27, Colombian authorities managed to arrest and indict members of an organized criminal group (Grupo de Delincuencia Organizado – GDO) known as “Los PEP,” who… Read More
19th March 2021
A court in Cape Verde granted a U.S. request to extradite Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The ruling comes two days after a regional court in Nigeria ordered the authorities in Cape Verde, an Atlantic Ocean island nation, to free Saab and halt extradition… Read More
16th March 2021
A West African court ordered Cape Verde’s government to free Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and halt plans to have him extradited to the U.S. The Economic Community of West African States Court of Justice found the authorities on the Atlantic Ocean island nation… Read More
15th March 2021
A red Ferrari worth 250,000 euros ($298,800.00) and an arsenal of weapons including revolvers and a Japanese sword were seized when 12 members of the largest drugs gang in Madrid were arrested, police said on Sunday. The gang was very violent, according to Spain’s National Police, which found three daggers… Read More