20th September 2016
A former president of Guatemala’s Central Bank who admitted involvement in laundering $30 million will avoid serving jail time, a mixed result for an otherwise successful effort by prosecutor’s to counter corruption at the highest levels of the country’s bureaucratic elite. Édgar Barquín, the former president of Guatemala’s Central Bank… Read More
17th June 2016
Former Guatemalan president Otto Pérez Molina and former vice president Roxana Baldetti, who resigned in 2015 over corruption allegations, are now facing fresh charges of corruption and money-laundering. They are among 70 people accused of embezzlement of millions of dollars of government funds. However, both have denied the allegations. Prosecutor… Read More
13th June 2016
Three former Guatemalan cabinet ministers were arrested on corruption charges amid claims they used public money to buy houses, boats, and a helicopter for a former president. Read More
3rd June 2016
GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemala’s attorney general accused ex-president Otto Perez on Thursday of negotiating hundreds of bribes for public contracts, and ordered at least 50 people arrested for participating in the massive corruption scheme. The latest accusation comes after a bribery scandal toppled Perez’s government, forcing his resignation and… Read More
18th May 2016
Ineffective anti-money laundering controls in some banks have come to light recently in Panama, Honduras and Guatemala and reputational risk could spread throughout the region. This brings another layer of risks to the region's banks and exposes them to heightened event risk, says Fitch Ratings. Read More
12th May 2016
Legislators in Guatemala voted to revoke the judicial immunity of a judge suspected of collaborating in a port corruption scheme that reaches to the highest levels of government, marking a clear step forward in a major corruption investigation that appears likely to expand even further. Read More
18th April 2016
Former Guatemalan President Otto Perez, who is in jail awaiting trial on corruption allegations, has been linked to a new scandal. He has been accused of heading "a criminal network." Read More