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US motions expand drug claims against Honduras president

AP — U.S. federal prosecutors have filed motions saying that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández took bribes from drug traffickers and had the country’s armed forces protect a cocaine laboratory and shipments to the United States. The documents quote Hernández as saying he wanted to “‘shove the… Read More

Honduran ex-president Zelaya stopped at airport with bag of money

Former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya said on Friday that he had been “unjustly” detained at the Central American nation’s Toncontin international airport for carrying $18,000 in cash, which he said was not his. “I don’t know the origin of that money. Obviously someone must have put it in my belongings. Read More

Yet another presidential candidate in Honduras accused of embezzlement

By Héctor Silva Ávalos, InSight Crime, 8 November 2020 InSightCrime – Tegucigalpa mayor Nasry “Tito” Asfura — who has announced he will run for president in Honduras’ 2021 elections — has been named in a government investigation into the embezzlement of more than a million dollars in city funds,… Read More
20th October 2020
It was early July when David Velásquez, then 29, started to feel the aches and fever that made him suspect he had caught COVID-19. His brother, José, rushed him to one of Honduras’ emergency centers for virus testing and treatment, but all he found was chaos. “The disorganization was tremendous,”… Read More
1st May 2020
U.S. prosecutors announced new charges Thursday linking Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández to drug trafficking, raising the pressure on a close ally of the Trump administration. The Honduran president was not charged. But the indictment alleged that former national police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla oversaw the shipment of tons… Read More
12th February 2020
AP — Honduran authorities arrested the head of the national police Tuesday, accusing him and his wife of money laundering. Officials arrested Leonel Luciano Sauceda and his wife, Patricia Sbeltlana Estrada, on money laundering charges. They said in a statement that the couple was arrested at a home in Tegucigalpa,… Read More
9th October 2019
AP — A Honduran former drug trafficker and mayor testified Tuesday that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández wanted thousands of dollars in bribes from him for his re-election campaign in 2017. On the witness stand on the fifth day of the drug trial against Hernández’s brother Tony Hernández, Amílcar Alexander… Read More
4th October 2019
A U.S. prosecutor on Wednesday accused Honduran politician Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez of smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States under the protection of his brother, President Juan Orlando Hernandez. In his opening statement in a Manhattan federal court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Richman said Tony Hernandez personally took… Read More
3rd October 2019
AP — Prosecutors alleged Wednesday that convicted Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán personally gave $1 million in bribes to the brother of Honduras’ president to pass on to the Central American leader, who swiftly denied wrongdoing. Prosecutor Jason Richman revealed the allegation in… Read More
24th September 2019
Western Hemisphere nations voted Monday to employ a regional treaty to impose sanctions against embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro, accusing his regime of criminal activity including drug trafficking and money laundering. In a meeting convened by the Organization of American States, 16 of the 19 states party to the Inter-American… Read More
21st August 2019
A Honduran court convicted the wife of former President Porfirio Lobo on graft charges, including siphoning funds from programs designed to help poor children, a judicial official said on Tuesday. Rosa Elena Bonilla was found guilty of diverting some 18.3 million Honduran lempiras ($779,000) in public funds plus international donations… Read More
5th August 2019
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Saturday denied reports from a U.S. court filing linking him to drug trafficking, accusing criminals of seeking revenge against him. “The drug traffickers are looking for revenge against the only president who’s done what he’s needed to do,” he told a news conference, detailing… Read More
3rd July 2019
José González Valencia is a man of many names. Among his comrades in the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, one of the most powerful and violent drug cartels in Mexico, he is known as Chepa, Santy, and El Camaron, or the Shrimp. He is also allegedly a member of the cartel’s… Read More