14th September 2020
B.C. Supreme Court has stipulated that a Mexican businessman must produce documents within 30 days in a B.C. forfeiture case. The case involves two Kelowna-areas properties the province alleges were used to launder money linked to a $200-million plus international stock fraud. Following the consent of the parties, the court… Read More
8th September 2020
“Promo Offer!” flashed up the advertisement on a Scottish vendor’s WhatsApp story, offering a discount on your next purchase if you referred five more customers. The updated price list offered further discounts for bulk buys. There was also a reminder to get orders in early, as, because of lockdown restrictions,… Read More
2nd September 2020
This morning, the Attorney General’s Office announced it had arrested Gerardo Sosa Castelán over money laundering charges. Sosa Castelán is a politician from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the head of the board of trustees at Hidalgo’s Autonomous University (UAEH). The board of trustees at Hidalgo’s Autonomous University was… Read More
28th August 2020
The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas confirmed Thursday that a Mexican cartel boss and nearly 30 of his co-conspirators have been charged with laundering more than $10 million. According to Erin Nealy Cox, the money came from drug proceeds and was laundered through a local clothing store. Read More
21st August 2020
An ex-chief executive of Petroleos Mexicanos accused former presidents, ministers, lawmakers, political aides and a journalist of corruption in testimony leaked on Wednesday that is aimed at proving he is innocent of graft charges. Emilio Lozoya, one-time boss of the state-run oil company known as Pemex, has become the centerpiece… Read More
20th August 2020
AP – Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has made cleaning up corruption a theme of his administration, used his daily news conference Tuesday to show a video of two men stuffing stacks of plastic-wrapped cash into a duffel bag — an incident he said was getting too… Read More
17th August 2020
Romania’s Minister of the Interior, Marcel Vela, on Friday announced the arrest and extradition to the US of an alleged human trafficking kingpin wanted by the US for eight immigration-related charges. The accused “is at the top of a network of international human trafficking [gangs operating] in Romania, Mexico and… Read More
12th August 2020
The former head of Mexico’s state-oil company Petróleos Mexicanos accused former president Enrique Peña Nieto and his former finance minister of instructing him to funnel millions of dollars in bribes to the 2012 presidential campaign, part of Mexico’s highest-profile corruption probe in decades, the country’s Attorney General said Tuesday. Emilio… Read More
31st July 2020
An arrest warrant has been issued by Mexico’s attorney general’s office for Cruz Azul president Guillermo Alvarez over possible involvement in financial fraud and organized crime, according to documents obtained by ESPN. The arrest warrant was granted on Wednesday, with Alvarez accused of carrying out and orchestrating “operations with… Read More
29th July 2020
As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping for essential and non-essential goods while at home, fraudsters have adapted their technique to use more sophisticated tactics against consumers, banks and merchants. The situation is tenuous. A recent study from Forter shows fraud attacks increased by 19 percent, globally, from 2018 to… Read More