28th April 2020
Since targeting Venezuelan corruption in 2017, South Florida federal authorities have seized $450 million in bank accounts — luxury properties, show horses, high-end watches and a super-yacht — that belonged to more than a dozen government officials and business people in Venezuela, all charged with laundering billions of dollars into… Read More
22nd April 2020
The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday gave Chevron Corp, the last major U.S. oil company still operating in Venezuela, until Dec. 1 to “wind down” its business in the OPEC member-nation and allowed it to conduct only limited operations there until then. In a move to ratchet up pressure on… Read More
22nd April 2020
Latin American governments have implemented some of the swiftest measures in the world to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. El Salvador closed its borders to foreign travelers and imposed a national quarantine on March 12, a full week before the country registered its first case of COVID-19, the… Read More
21st April 2020
Venezuela is illegally mining and trading in gold, and Switzerland could be one of its clients, according to Swiss media reports. swissinfo.ch spoke to law enforcement, customs and financial authorities to find out whether they are taking action. Swiss public radio RTS opened a Pandora’s box in February by revealing… Read More
13th April 2020
OCCRP — As head of Venezuela’s military, General Vladimir Padrino López is a steadfast socialist, ready to defend his beleaguered country’s self-professed revolutionary government. But in his private life, his family has built up a web of private companies and real estate in Venezuela and the U.S. worth millions of dollars. Read More
13th April 2020
OCCRP — Extreme shortages of food and medicine, hyperinflation, violent political repression, and outrageous corruption — many governments might have buckled under the weight of such a compounded crisis. Not in Venezuela, where top military officers have been richly rewarded for maintaining the status quo, even as the country has spiralled… Read More
6th April 2020
The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday extended its authorization for companies to do business with Sweden’s Nynas, giving the oil refiner more time to restructure its ownership to avoid American sanctions on Venezuela. The department, in a notice on its website, extended the general license authorizing certain activities involving Nynas… Read More
1st April 2020
At a time when all of humanity is facing a common, invisible, enemy, world leaders have called for a suspension of economic sanctions that have increasingly become the pursuit of war by other means. The Trump administration has responded so far by ignoring those appeals and intensifying punitive measures… Read More
30th March 2020
The highest-ranking judge in Venezuela — on par with the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court — doled out legal favors to obtain millions in bribes paid through Miami and foreign bank accounts that he spent on chartered private jets, expensive watches and other luxury goods in South Florida,… Read More
30th March 2020
AP — Russia’s Rosneft has transferred its assets in Venezuela to a company fully owned by Vladimir Putin’s government, a move apparently intended to shield Russia’s largest oil producer from U.S. sanctions while Moscow continues showing support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in the wake of a U.S. narcotics indictment. Read More