14th December 2020
A senior Hong Kong official’s entire salary goes straight into his wife’s bank account every month. She handles all their household expenses, pays his mobile phone bill and picks up the tab when they shop or eat out, he told the Post. He is among 29 current and retired Hong… Read More
11th December 2020
The Hong Kong neighborhood of Wan Chai may be home to the most eclectic and densest concentration of US-sanctioned enterprises anywhere on the planet. In less space than a square mile, you’ve got offices tied to: an alleged financier for Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group; an individual accused… Read More
10th December 2020
Hong Kong police moves to freeze the accounts of several people linked to pro-democracy protests is prompting some residents to shift part of their savings overseas, bankers and lawyers said. Banks were asked by police to freeze the accounts of veteran activist Ted Hui and his family last week, and… Read More
9th December 2020
The pastor of a Hong Kong church says HSBC has frozen bank accounts belonging to him, his wife and the church’s charity. Ray Chan said the freezing was an act of “political retaliation” on the part of authorities for assistance provided by his church to young protesters. It came… Read More
9th December 2020
Students applying to join the accounting profession in Hong Kong must now consent to let police check whether they have a criminal record and must provide fingerprints if asked. The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) told HKFP that the new requirement had been suggested by the Financial… Read More
8th December 2020
Hong Kong-based crypto exchange CEO Global said Saturday one of its founders has been taken away by the authorities and it has no idea when he may return. “Affected by the ongoing national crackdown on fraudulent SIM cards and bank accounts, the bank account of one of our core founders… Read More
7th December 2020
The United States is preparing to impose sanctions on at least a dozen Chinese officials over their alleged role in Beijing’s disqualification of elected opposition legislators in Hong Kong, according to three sources, including a U.S. official familiar with the matter. The move, which could come as soon as Monday,… Read More
7th December 2020
In an escalating tussle between fugitive former lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung and Hong Kong police, the force on Monday froze the bank accounts of his parents and spouse with banking giant HSBC, even though he claimed the accounts had been unfrozen the night before. Confusion erupted on Sunday night as… Read More
7th December 2020
Thirteen Hongkongers accused of using bogus identification information in their bungled attempts to open virtual bank accounts in the city have been rounded up following raids over the past few days. Senior Inspector Yip Chun-hei of the Western anti-triad squad said he believed some of the suspects prepared to sell… Read More
2nd December 2020
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor will not extend the city’s anti-bribery laws to cover her own chief executive position, reneging on a promise she made in her election manifesto three years ago. Lam said amending the law would affect her “constitutional role” in the… Read More