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Maldives ex-vice president detained on arrival by boat in India

Indian authorities are questioning the former vice president of the Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb, for illegally entering the country after he arrived on a tugboat in the southern Indian port city of Thoothukudi, port and police officials said on Thursday. Adeeb was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2016 for… Read More

Former Maldives president pleads not guilty to charges of money laundering

Abdulla Yameen, the former president of the Maldives, pled not guilty to charges of money laundering on Sunday, in the first hearing of a criminal court trial into the matter. Yameen, who drew the Indian Ocean island country closer to China during his tenure, is accused of receiving $1 million… Read More

Money laundering: Indonesia returning yacht at center of Malaysia graft probe

AP — Indonesia is returning a luxury yacht allegedly bought with funds stolen from a Malaysian state investment company after a monthslong legal battle, a police official said Sunday, The $250 million Equanimity is on its way to a border location where it will be transferred… Read More
24th May 2017
One in five banks in the Asia Pacific expects tax evasion in 2017 to increase 100 to 500 per cent over last year’s levels according to a recent poll by data analytics firm Fico. A further one in five senior fraud managers surveyed said they expect the increase to be… Read More
14th November 2016
Transparency International today announced the candidates short-listed for the Anti-Corruption Award. Read More
13th October 2016
The Maldives has announced it will leave the Commonwealth after mounting pressure from the 53-nation group over corruption and deteriorating human rights in the Indian Ocean state. The country’s government, which has been fending off rumours of an impending coup and allegations of money laundering, said the decision on Thursday… Read More
8th September 2016
The investigation by Al Jazeera claims a $1.5bn money-laundering plot involving President Abdulla Yameen's ministers and his aides. Read More