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Asia-Pacific Drug Trade Thriving as Gangs Make Billions in Profits, UN Says

Asia’s drug lords have established new manufacturing hubs and maritime trafficking routes to ramp up the supply of methamphetamine across the Asia-Pacific, the United Nations crime agency said Thursday. The value of the drug trade in the region is estimated between $30.3 billion and $61.4 billion, the agency said. Seizures… Read More

Myanmar: EU’s third round of sanctions raises eyebrows

Questions have been raised over the EU’s exact objectives regarding Myanmar, after its foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell, last Thursday said that a third round of sanctions will soon be imposed on the country’s military and economic interests. Following its February 1 coup, which overthrew the… Read More

EU to impose new sanctions on Myanmar junta, companies -top envoy

The European Union will impose a new round of sanctions on Myanmar’s military junta and its economic interests in the coming days, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told Reuters on Thursday. In an interview in Jakarta after meetings with Southeast Asian diplomats, Borrell said the fresh sanctions from the… Read More
24th May 2021
A “Dato Seri” believed to be the mastermind of an illegal gambling syndicate has been arrested in an operation that saw police seize items worth more than RM2 million. Kuala Lumpur police chief Azmi Abu Kassim said the 55-year-old was running a few slot machines in a few premises around… Read More
17th May 2021
The U.S. Treasury Department issued a new round of sanctions against people involved in Myanmar’s February coup, including the governor of the nation’s central bank, Than Nyein. Treasury also sanctioned 15 other individuals, including several Myanmar government ministers, and the State Administration Council, an entity the nation’s military rulers created… Read More
6th May 2021
By Farley Sweatman, Strife, 5 May 2021 Strife — In the early morning of February 1, 2021, the Tatmadaw (the official name for the armed forces of Myanmar) staged a coup to reclaim its status as the sole source of political power in the country by… Read More
5th May 2021
Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations told the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that Washington should target the state-run Myanmar oil and gas company and a state-owned bank with sanctions. Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun, a representative of elected lawmakers who oppose Myanmar’s military junta, also warned that the crisis triggered by… Read More
5th May 2021
The shipping container raised suspicions as soon as it arrived in remote northwestern Laos last July. Paperwork showed it was packed with 72 tons worth of blue vats filled with propionyl chloride, a relatively obscure chemical, and bound for an area in northern Myanmar notorious for the industrial-scale manufacturing of… Read More
20th April 2021
A major index provider and some investors are distancing themselves from the marine-ports operator controlled by Indian conglomerate Adani Group over past business transactions with a company linked to the military regime in Myanmar. Financial data firm S&P Global Inc. last week… Read More
20th April 2021
The European Union on Monday imposed sanctions on members of Myanmar’s junta who took control of the country in a Feb. 1 coup, as well as its new information minister and two conglomerates controlled by the military. In its firmest response yet to the ousting of an elected government led… Read More
13th April 2021
The UK government has added Pakistan to the list of undesirable 21 high-risk countries with unsatisfactory money laundering and terrorist financing controls. This list of 21 countries — released by the UK Government — replicates the list of countries named by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as high-risk or… Read More
13th April 2021
The U.S. Treasury Department last Thursday sanctioned Myanma Gems Enterprise (MGE), the state-owned entity responsible for all of the country’s gemstone-related activities. Gemstones are a key economic resource for the Myanmar military as it violently represses protests against the Feb. 1 coup and lethally attack the country’s people, including… Read More
12th April 2021
It’s after sunset in Jaffna when Anthony Vigrado dives into the waters of Palk Bay, scanning the seafloor to collect what seems to be prized treasure. What he comes back with are sea cucumbers – long, leathery-skinned creatures that are increasingly valuable and the source of his income for the… Read More