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Ex-Kazakh president’s grandson seeks 1.5 million pound costs after failure of UK wealth order

The grandson of the former president of Kazakhstan and other respondents have submitted a demand for 1.5 million pounds in costs from Britain’s National Crime Agency after the High Court struck down anti-graft orders against them, a spokeswoman said. The demand for costs underscores the difficulties Britain has faced in… Read More

Family Wins Fight With U.K. Cops Over ‘Billionaire Row’ Home

The family of Kazakhstan’s former president overturned a freeze on their 80 million-pound ($98 million) property portfolio, dealing a setback to U.K. law enforcement officials’ use of a new tool to combat money laundering. The freeze was part of three unexplained wealth orders brought by Britain’s National Crime Agency. One… Read More

Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of who owns 221b Baker Street

The mystery of who owns 221b Baker Street must be solved, politicians have said after a crackdown on unexplained wealth targeted a Kazakh family linked to the Sherlock Holmes address. The real property behind the fabled home of Britain’s best-loved detective is part of a block of office and flats… Read More
12th March 2020
The criminal wealth of a former Kazakh secret police chief accused of extortion and murder “lives on” in London through three properties worth £80 million, the National Crime Agency has told the High Court in Britain’s second “McMafia” trial. Nurali Aliyev and his mother, Dariga Nazarbayeva, the current chairwoman of… Read More
11th March 2020
A high-security mansion on one of London’s most exclusive roads is the target of the UK’s latest use of Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs). The vast property, owned by companies based in tax havens, has been frozen ahead of a court hearing on Tuesday. Public records show Nurali Aliyev, the grandson… Read More
3rd February 2020
In Uralsk, a historic border town in northwestern Kazakhstan and a key checkpoint on the way to Russia, trucks with Kyrgyz license plates form a permanent bottleneck as they await inspection, sometimes for weeks. The drivers know that if a customs official can’t find their licenses or shipping documents in… Read More
25th November 2019
A multinational energy firm accused by prosecutors of maintaining a fake set of accounts to disguise the payment of bribes to foreign government officials has been identified by the Guardian as the UK-based company Petrofac. Petrofac, which is headed by a major Tory donor, has been under investigation by… Read More
3rd October 2019
Didier Reynders, Belgium’s pick for EU justice commissioner, denied on Wednesday corruption allegations against him and said he would continue to seek the post because he had not been charged. At a confirmation hearing, Belgian Foreign Minister Reynders told the European Parliament that money-laundering allegations made by a former Belgian… Read More
14th August 2019
Kazakh mining company Eurasian Natural Resources Corp. asked a British court to stall the U.K.’s pursuit of corruption charges following a six-year bribery investigation. ENRC, once listed on the FTSE 100 Index, asked London’s High Court in a filing this month to force the Serious Fraud Office to withhold… Read More
11th July 2019
A federal judge in New York ordered former BTA Bank JSC chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov to pay the Kazakh lender’s legal fees for the discovery process after he failed to hand over evidence in a lawsuit accusing him of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. real estate. U.S. Read More
30th May 2017
The net is closing around a duo of fugitive oligarchs and their kin accused of laundering Kazakh money in posh U.S. real estate — including Trump Organization properties. In a complicated case with potential implications for President Donald Trump’s business empire and associates of the real-estate-developer-turned-president, Switzerland has revealed it… Read More
7th February 2017
The U.K. Serious Fraud Office petitioned a London judge to force Eurasian Natural Resources Corp. to hand over documents the company says are subject to legal privilege, in the latest chapter of a long-running criminal probe. Read More
19th December 2016
Another thing it has in abundance is corruption, at least according to the World Bank. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, which lists countries "by their perceived levels of corruption” in the public sector, ranked Kazakhstan 123 out of 168, with a score of 28 (“corrupted”) over 100. Is all this bad press justified? Emanuele Midolo investigatives. Read More