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Kyrgyz Charity Run by Powerful Family Received Suspicious Funds Linked to Murdered Money Launderer

By RFE/RL, OCCRP, Bellingcat and Kloop, 29 June 2020 OCCRP – A charitable foundation run by Kyrgyzstan’s politically powerful Matraimov family received much more money than previously known from an underground network that laundered a vast fortune out of the country, according to newly revealed bank records. The questionable funds represent… Read More

Kyrgyz Lawmakers Exonerate Country Of Links To Massive Money-Laundering Operation

Kyrgyz lawmakers have approved the findings of a parliamentary commission that concluded Kyrgyzstan was not involved in hundreds of millions of dollars of alleged money laundering uncovered in a bombshell joint journalistic investigation. Seventy-two lawmakers on June 18 approved the conclusion of the commission probing the murder of a businessman… Read More

Kyrgyzstan’s Database Disaster: How One Official Signed Away Millions in Procurement Contracts

In Uralsk, a historic border town in northwestern Kazakhstan and a key checkpoint on the way to Russia, trucks with Kyrgyz license plates form a permanent bottleneck as they await inspection, sometimes for weeks. The drivers know that if a customs official can’t find their licenses or shipping documents in… Read More
26th December 2019
Since 2012, hundreds of millions of dollars from Kyrgyzstan — one of the poorest countries on earth — have poured into bank accounts in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East on behalf of a single family. Much of that money ended up in an expansive real estate portfolio… Read More
6th December 2019
A member of the Kyrgyzstan Parliament is proposing further government investigation following reports by OCCRP and its media partners that the country has harbored money laundering that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has cost the lives of currency couriers crossing its borders. Maksat Sabirov on Thursday… Read More
5th December 2019
On the last night of his life, Khusan Kerimov had a package to deliver: $1.6 million in cash. Late in the evening on October 22, he headed for Manas International Airport, a half hour outside of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It was a routine the 39-year-old taxi driver had down cold, having… Read More
22nd November 2019
On Istanbul’s European side, the Ottoman-era Çırağan Palace rises grandly above the waters of the Bosphorus. Once, the servants of Sultan Abdülâziz hurried up and down its marble halls. After a fire gutted the interior in 1909, it was left in ruins for years, its garden used as a football… Read More
14th August 2019
The head of Kyrgyzstan’s security forces on Tuesday accused ex-president Almazbek Atambayev on Tuesday of planning to stage a coup, state news agency Kabar said, following a deadly clash last week with police sent to his house to arrest him. Atambayev surrendered on Thursday when police raided his home and… Read More
12th April 2016
Kyrgyzstan's prime minister resigned Monday amid corruption allegations involving a road construction project in the ex-Soviet nation. Read More