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Spain’s ex-PM Rajoy to be investigated in case of Andorran bank and ‘American friend’

A court in the small European country of Andorra is to investigate former Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy and some members of his government in relation to coercion accusations, in a case which stretches all the way to the US government. The Andorran judiciary has accepted the complaint, filed by the… Read More

Paradise Papers: EU to discuss tax havens blacklist

By Francesco Guarascio, REUTERS European Union states will on Tuesday discuss plans for a tax havens’ blacklist, officials said, in a bid to tackle offshore tax avoidance after leaked documents revealed investments by wealthy individuals and institutions around the globe. The subject’s inclusion on the monthly meeting’s agenda of EU… Read More

Andorra criminalises tax evasion

Andorra has criminalised tax evasion, a parliamentary source said Monday as the tiny mountain principality, once a popular tax haven, moves towards full banking transparency. Last year, the OECD removed Andorra from its “grey” list of tax havens after it agreed to the automatic exchange of information on non-residents’ bank… Read More
24th May 2017
A federal appeals court in Washington ruled on Tuesday against owners of the now defunct Banca Privada d’Andorra S.A. who had sought to reverse an order by the U.S. Treasury Department declaring the institution a “primary money laundering concern.” A three-judge panel rejected calls by Ramon and Higini Cierco, former… Read More
15th March 2017
The former owners of the now defunct Banca Privada d’Andorra S.A. are calling for an investigation into why the U.S. Treasury Department labeled the Andorran bank a “primary money laundering concern,” a move which helped drive the bank out of business. A lawyer for the Cierco family, which controlled the… Read More
11th January 2017
Financial inclusion is at the top of the agenda for emerging economies, but banks in the west are actively disconnecting from some of these regions – putting further development at risk. Read More
9th March 2016
MADRID (AP) " The tiny European state of Andorra says a study shows one of its banks had 923 accounts suspected of money laundering. Read More
22nd February 2016
WASHINGTON: FinCEN's withdrawal of its Section 311 notices against Banca Privada d'Andorra is a momentous victory for BPA's customers, employees, and all of its shareholders, including the majority shareholders, the Cierco family. Read More