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Belgium and Latvia seize assets in Russia money-laundering affair

Belgian and Latvian authorities have seized Russian assets in a notorious money-laundering affair that saw the killing of whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky. A Belgian investigating judge, Bruno de Hous, seized some €400,000 from the proceeds of an apartment sale in the Belgian city of Antwerp. He also charged two Russians –… Read More

404 Beneficial Owner Not Found: Are EU Public Registers in Place and Really Public?

That anonymous shell companies are the vehicle of choice for the corrupt and criminals is no longer a secret. New cases of cross-border corruption and money laundering are reported almost on a weekly basis, where perpetrators often hide behind secretive corporate structures. The European Union has been lauded for its… Read More

U.K. Dishes Out First Fine to Broker Linked to Shah in Tax Scandal

The U.K.’s financial regulator handed down its first penalty over the Cum-Ex tax scandal, fining a broker 178,000 pounds ($248,000) for failings regarding its relationship with hedge-fund manager Sanjay Shah. Sapien Capital, which executed more than 6 billion pounds of trades in Danish and Belgian stocks on behalf of… Read More
20th April 2021
By Besar Likmeta, Edmond Hoxhaj and Perparim Isufi, BIRN, 20 April 2021 BIRN – At first glance, Michigan resident Ylli Didani was a successful businessman with stakes in companies in the United States, Albania and Kosovo, where he enjoyed a business relationship with a former security aide… Read More
14th April 2021
Burundi and the European Union have accelerated talks on lifting sanctions imposed by the bloc, according to Foreign Affairs Minister Albert Shingiro. The EU placed penalties on some politicians and state officials and froze government financing in 2015 during a political crisis that followed former President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to… Read More
12th April 2021
At 5am on a chilly Tuesday morning last month, 1,600 police officers and balaclava-wearing special forces, bristling with arms and battering rams, were ordered into action around the Belgian port city of Antwerp. More than 200 addresses were raided in what was the largest police operation ever conducted in the… Read More
11th April 2021
By Juliett Pineda, OCCRP, 8 April 2021 OCCRP — After they intercepted encrypted messages exchanged between members of organized crime groups, Belgian authorities seized in the port of Antwerp 27.64 tons of cocaine worth some 1.38 billion euros (about US$1.64 billion) just over the past two… Read More
17th March 2021
Sanjay Shah, the founder of hedge-fund Solo Capital Partners LLP, was charged in Germany with money laundering over trades linked to the Cum-Ex tax scandal. Shah and six others were indicted by Hamburg prosecutors, Liddy Oechtering, a spokeswoman for the authority, said on Monday. Shah is charged with 55… Read More
10th March 2021
Police in Belgium launched a huge operation against drug traffickers on Tuesday morning, in an operation targeted at cocaine smuggling groups. Belgium’s federal prosecutor’s office said searches had been launched at around 5 a.m. local time and involved more than 1,500 police officers. Local broadcaster RTBF said the raids… Read More
19th February 2021
The UK government has imposed sanctions on senior generals in the Myanmar administration following the military coup. The country has put in place travel bans and asset freezes on three key figures in the military regime in response to human rights violations. Further safeguards have also been… Read More
20th January 2021
Seven former and current bank employees have been arrested in Hong Kong as part of a major operation against a US$810 million international money-laundering syndicate, police said Wednesday. “It’s the largest case we have busted in recent years,” said Yip Wing-lam, a superintendent at the commercial crime bureau, adding it… Read More
9th December 2020
By Audrey Travère, Forbidden Stories, 8 December 2020 Forbidden Stories—Willem-Jan Joachems recalls May 10, 2019 perfectly. “This is where it all happened. Exactly in this spot.” For the journalist, it was the scoop of a lifetime. “The ship was laying there, while they were collecting evidence, and… Read More
3rd December 2020
Police forces in 26 European countries took part in a worldwide operation to crack down on money launderers and their unwitting recruits, Europol said. Operation EMMA 6 – the sixth European Money Mule Action – was organised between September and November this year, with the help of the European Banking… Read More