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Arrests Target Money-Laundering Service for Cyber Criminals

Twenty people have been arrested as part of an investigation into QQAAZZ, a group that police said had laundered millions on behalf of the world’s most prolific cyber criminals. The arrests, part of a multinational investigation that included police in 15 countries, target a notorious gang of so-called money mules… Read More

Belgian Passport-Maker Paid Bribes to Win Madagascar Contract

By Edward Maintikely and OCCRP, 9 September 2020 OCCRP — Belgian company Semlex Group paid a former top official in Madagascar’s government at least $140,000 — and possibly much more — in unexplained fees, according to leaked company emails that appear to show a quid pro quo to secure a… Read More

Border officials find more than £1m hidden in trucks at Dover

Border officials have found more than £1 million hidden inside two lorries trying to leave the UK. The money was found concealed inside the refrigerated motor housing of both vehicles at Dover’s Eastern Docks on Friday. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said Border Force officers stopped the first… Read More
31st August 2020
The agent of Kevin De Bruyne has been charged by Belgian police after a formal complaint from the Manchester City superstar. Belgian authorities confirmed last night that the charges against Patrick De Koster relate to a commission involved in a transfer that featured De Bruyne. Earlier reports in Belgium claimed… Read More
25th August 2020
The federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels has opened a criminal investigation into the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, in particular the dealings of 2,600 Belgian clients suspected of using Swiss bank accounts to evade taxes. “A criminal investigation has been opened against Credit Suisse for money laundering and unlawfully acting as… Read More
21st August 2020
More than 100,000 companies in Belgium have still to come into line with a rule introduced in 2019 to fight money-laundering and the financing of terrorism. The new rule involves a register of what are known as UBOs – ultimate beneficial owners – or the people who have executive power… Read More
13th August 2020
When, in early July, detectives discovered a secret torture chamber halfway between the giant ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, it made a grim kind of sense that the room had been built in an old shipping container. The extreme gang violence that has been unravelling over the past decade… Read More
7th August 2020
The U.S. designation last week of a new Turkey-based member of the notorious Rawi Network for allegedly facilitating money transfers to the Islamic State (IS) in Syria has raised fresh concerns among observers that jihadists continue to use Turkey to fund their activities in Syria. The Rawi Network, founded by… Read More
26th June 2020
A senior government official has called a new amnesty on dirty money to bring billions of euros in hidden bank accounts back into the legal economy. In an interview with De Tijd, Steven Vanden Berghe, a senior civil servant with the federal finance ministry, argues there are billions of undeclared… Read More
10th June 2020
On the evening of September 21, 2018, police special forces raided a pool hall in the Albanian capital, Tirana, in search of Safet Bajri. Thirty-six-year-old Bajri was among more than a dozen people rounded up that day by police in Tirana, the northern Albanian town of Shkodra and the Dutch… Read More
1st June 2020
The financial authorities in Belgium are able to detect only a tiny proportion of the illegal drugs money passing through the country, according to the latest annual report from the body set up to combat money laundering. The report from the Cell for Financial Information Processing (CIF) has not yet… Read More
8th April 2020
An Ecuadorian court sentenced former president Rafael Correa on Tuesday to eight years in prison after finding him guilty of corruption charges. Correa, who was in office from 2007 to 2017, left Ecuador three years ago and now lives in Belgium. He and 19 others, including his vice president who… Read More
13th March 2020
Years of rooting out drugs at the Brazilian seaport of Santos had given customs inspector Oswaldo Dias a good nose for suspicious cargo. A shipment of second-hand backhoes, bound for Europe late last year, seemed fishy. So on the morning of Nov. 18, Dias sent the machinery through a scanner,… Read More