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Equatorial Guinea’s Oil Minister Allegedly Siphoned Off Millions from Public Construction Project

By Delfin Mocache Massoko, Antonio Baquero, Micael Pereira, Flora Alexandrou, Linda van der Pol, Mark Anderson and Stelios Orphanides, OCCRP, 8 January 2021 OCCRP — For years, Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel was known as an outspoken critic of Equatorial Guinea’s government, despite decades of brutal repression and staggering corruption. Read More

A Shady Israeli Intel Genius, His Cyber-Spy Van and Million-dollar Deals

“Meet Tal Dilian, one of the oldest hands in the often murky world of cyber surveillance. The ex-Israeli intelligence officer is showing us one of his new toys, a 9 million dollar van full of NSA level surveillance kit that he claims can hack a smartphone and snoop on all… Read More

Report: Cyprus Failed to Act Even When Warned of Shady Passport Buyers

OCCRP — Cyprus admitted on Tuesday that its recently abolished citizenship by investment program had serious flaws, and that almost everybody in the decision-making process enabled some dubious figures to obtain Cypriot citizenship in exchange for money of unknown origin. A report put together by a… Read More
8th December 2020
EU foreign ministers will evaluate grounds for sanctions against Turkey over a Mediterranean gas dispute on Monday before the bloc’s leaders decide whether to make good on their threat to impose punitive measures. Ministers will not take decisions at their meeting on Monday, leaving that to Thursday’s summit of EU… Read More
4th December 2020
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) last week issued its first regulations regarding cryptocurrency. The new rules laid down in Circular C417 are designed to ensure that Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs), make provision to cover investments in cryptocurrencies (the regulations do not distinguish among them), and that risks involving… Read More
27th November 2020
European Union foreign-policy chief Josep Borrell highlighted the possibility of tougher EU sanctions against Turkey over its activities in the eastern Mediterranean, saying the bloc’s leaders will tackle the matter at a Dec. 10-11 meeting. “Certainly we are in a critical moment with our relationship with Turkey,” Borrell told the… Read More
26th November 2020
Just when she thought the persecution was over, Maria Efimova, the whistleblower who helped expose the corrupt ties between organised crime and Malta’s political establishment, found that the nightmare was back. On Monday 17 November, Pantelis Varnava, Efimova’s husband, was put under arrest in Crete following a request from Cyprus’… Read More
26th November 2020
Eric Schmidt acquired all the typical trappings of a mega-rich U.S. citizen: a superyacht, a Gulfstream jet, a Manhattan penthouse. One of his newest assets is far less conventional: a second passport. Alphabet Inc.’s former chief executive officer applied to become a citizen of Cyprus, according to an announcement… Read More
18th November 2020
By Paul Radu, Dmitry Velikovsky and Olesya Shmagun, OCCRP, 17 November 2020 OCCRP — Prevezon Holdings Ltd is a small international real estate investment company that leaves an unusually large footprint in stories about global crime and politics. The Cypriot company, owned by Russian citizens, was a beneficiary in Russia’s… Read More
18th November 2020
The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (Greco) called on Cyprus’ parliament to fully implement its recommendations for a code of conduct for legislators to prevent various forms of corruption, and to address issues such as conflicts of interest and lobbying. In its second compliance report for Cyprus,… Read More
13th November 2020
Opposition Diko MP Pavlos Mylonas on Wednesday handed the justice minister documents containing allegations of corruption against officials at various government departments relating to migration and asylum. Mylonas said afterwards that this was information he had collected himself and it was his view that it should be probed by criminal… Read More
30th October 2020
A Romanian court on Thursday handed a five year prison sentence to a former parliament speaker on charges that he demanded a bribe of 1 million euros to influence the government over a key appointment. The Bucharest Court of Appeal also ordered Bogdan Olteanu, who is 49 on Thursday, to… Read More
27th October 2020
By Anuška Delić (Oštro/OCCRP), Matej Zwitter (Oštro) and Maja Čakarić (Oštro), OCCRP, 26 October 2020 OCCRP — After Slovenia’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, the former socialist state privatized its assets, giving each citizen a certificate to invest in the few blue-chip firms the country had at the time. The… Read More