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Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko Secretly Controlled Offshore Firms that Banked at Austria’s Raiffeisen

By Graham Stack, OCCRP, 3 May 2021 OCCRP — In the early 2010s, Petro Poroshenko — a billionaire who had just served a stint as Ukraine’s foreign minister, and would later be elected president — built a palatial estate for himself outside Kyiv. He just needed furnishings… Read More

Inquiry tarnishes Cyprus’s golden passports

More than half the people granted EU citizenship under Cyprus’s “golden passport” scheme should not have qualified, an inquiry has found. The 6,779 people, most of them Russian, obtained citizenship between 2007 and 2020 by buying property on the island worth at least €2 million, entitling them to receive a… Read More

Cyprus Launches New Registry that Identifies Company Owners

By Julett Pineda Sleinan, OCCRP, 12 April 2021 OCCRP — Trying to combat its reputation as a money-laundering haven, Cyprus has launched a new registry that requires companies to reveal their true beneficiaries – a measure the country said it has adopted to improve transparency and… Read More
26th March 2021
By Liubomyra Remazhevska and Maksym Savchuk, OCCRP, 25 March 2021 OCCRP — In the early hours of February 27, 2014, dozens of gunmen in unmarked Russian military fatigues stormed the parliament of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, hoisted Russian flags, and stood guard as lawmakers voted to stage a… Read More
19th March 2021
The European Union has frozen plans to blacklist more senior executives at Turkey’s state-owned Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), four diplomats said, in the clearest sign that a diplomatic offensive by Ankara this year is bearing fruit. EU leaders in December had proposed asset freezes and travel bans over Turkey’s “unauthorised… Read More
11th March 2021
The ad hoc House committee set up to examine issues relating to politically exposed persons (PEP) is to disband ahead of the parliamentary elections in May, but work will continue under new stewardship after that, it emerged on Wednesday. In January, a list of PEPs with non-performing loans was published… Read More
11th March 2021
By Sarunas Cerniauskas and Stas Ivashkevich, OCCRP, 10 March 2021 OCCRP — 2 Giedraiciu Street might be one of the dirtiest buildings in Vilnius. It’s one of the few Soviet-era apartment blocks that remain in the heart of Lithuania’s capital, but its walls are decaying and it… Read More
4th March 2021
Cyprus plans to launch a register in coming months identifying the owners of thousands of companies on the island, lifting a veil of secrecy on opaque and complex corporate structures that campaigners say can help criminals seeking to hide their loot. Details of thousands of companies domiciled on the island,… Read More
25th February 2021
A grouping of world auditors say they are concerned that the Cypriot government is limiting examiners’ access to records from an axed citizenship-for-investment scheme that critics said was open to abuse. Cyprus scrapped the programme in November last year after the Al Jazeera news network filmed a senior state official… Read More
11th February 2021
Tempers flared at the House ethics committee after members of a defunct watchdog set up to clean the island’s sports, mainly football, blamed its outgoing chairman of its demise. Chairman Andreas Papacharalambous submitted his resignation on Tuesday, accusing the government and political parties of not having the will to tackle… Read More
2nd February 2021
OCCRP — Jho Taek Low had billions of dollars, but he was running out of places to put them. By 2015, the Malaysian financier had become the face of the now-infamous 1MDB embezzlement scandal. His theft of billions from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund had been widely reported. Read More
22nd January 2021
The House legal affairs committee on Wednesday finished discussion of a bill providing for the creation of an authority against corruption and gave the government two weeks to incorporate the changes into the bill so that it could be put to the vote soon. “Through discussion … views were exchanged,… Read More
11th January 2021
By Delfin Mocache Massoko, Antonio Baquero, Micael Pereira, Flora Alexandrou, Linda van der Pol, Mark Anderson and Stelios Orphanides, OCCRP, 8 January 2021 OCCRP — For years, Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel was known as an outspoken critic of Equatorial Guinea’s government, despite decades of brutal repression and staggering corruption. Read More