3rd June 2016
Bank of Cyprus, the island’s largest lender, has enhanced its internal structures and processes in order to comply with stricter anti-money laundering regulations, which led to a drastic reduction of risky business, a bank source said. “Since the beginning of 2014, the entire Compliance function of our Group has undergone… Read More
12th April 2016
A delegation of members of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Corporate Taxation II – or TAXE 2 – will visit Cyprus on Friday to look into the Cypriot corporate tax practice. Read More
8th April 2016
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has asked the Verkhovna Rada to ratify amendments to the convention with Cyprus on avoiding double taxation and preventing tax evasion. Read More
7th April 2016
ATHENS (Reuters) - Cyprus is enhancing requirements on commercial banks and intermediaries to know the identity of their customers, days after a massive data leak detailing how the world's rich skipped through loopholes to park cash in low-tax jurisdictions. Read More