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Hunt for Moscow Financier Owing Millions Leads to Mojave

German Lillevali can thank the coronavirus for getting out of an immigration facility in the California desert, but his troubles are far from over. The former financier had changed his name and left Moscow two years ago owing clients millions before being detained in the U.S. for overstaying his visa. Read More

Swedbank ex-CEO: We did not knowingly launder money

Former Swedbank Baltic CEO Priit Perens told daily Eesti Päevaleht (EPL) in an interview that he and his colleagues never consciously laundered money, and that the heads of Estonian banks did not foresee changes in regulations and society. “… Expectations of banks have changed so much. As Erkki Raasuke (current… Read More

British entrepreneurs find a European e-home in Estonia

British entrepreneurs are flocking to become “e-residents” of Estonia to take advantage of company formation rules and avoid the economic fallout from leaving the European Union. The scheme, which was set up in 2014, allows non-Estonians access to services such as company formation, banking and taxation. Since then, 3,372 British… Read More
28th October 2020
Last month, The Times of Israel reported that Israel’s largest aerospace manufacturer, Israel Aerospace Industries, transferred at least $155 million in 2012-2014 to two companies that were reportedly used as a secret slush fund for Azerbaijan’s kleptocratic elite. A new report published earlier this month on Russian… Read More
20th October 2020
The Polish unit of the Dutch bank ING, ING Bank Slaski, for years allegedly helped Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs move huge sums of money out of ex-Soviet Union countries, according to the US Treasury’s fraud investigation department, FinCen. FinCen files were leaked to and published by the International Consortium… Read More
14th October 2020
Deutsche Bank AG was fined 13.5 million euros ($16 million) by Frankfurt prosecutors over money-laundering violations related to work with Danske Bank A/S. The bank failed on more than 600 occasions to file timely alerts to authorities about suspicious transactions, Frankfurt prosecutors said in a statement Tuesday. A related criminal… Read More
29th September 2020
Foreigners granted remote access to Estonia’s digital infrastructure through its e-residency program are being linked to crypto-currency frauds abroad, threatening efforts to repair the Baltic nation’s image after one of Europe’s largest money laundering scandals. Companies registered overseas and headed by Estonian e-residents have been involved in “a few large-scale… Read More
28th September 2020
The bank at the center of Europe’s worst ever money laundering scandal has yet to fully address the corporate culture issues that led it astray in the first place. That’s according to the watchdog that oversees Danske Bank A/S. Denmark’s biggest bank spent years locked in a top-down hierarchy… Read More
22nd September 2020
By Simon Bowers, Karrie Kehoe and Holger Roonemaa, ICIJ, 21 September 2020 ICIJ — The Estonian banker was frantic: A whistleblower inside the bank suspected nine anonymous companies — all registered in the United Kingdom — of serious financial crimes and was threatening to go to authorities. “The whistleblower demands… Read More
22nd September 2020
The government is to overhaul the system of checks for Britain’s register of companies after criticism that the database is too easily abused by money launderers and fraudsters. Directors will be required to verify their identities with Companies House before they are appointed to a business under plans announced yesterday. Read More
22nd September 2020
An unprecedented glimpse into the staggering amounts of suspect money that flow through the international banking system is revealed in leaked files from an agency of the US Department of the Treasury that have been seen by The Irish Times. The files show that the world’s largest banks play a… Read More
21st September 2020
Swedbank AB said Friday that Sweden’s financial supervisory authority is investigating the bank for suspected breaches of market-abuse regulations. In a statement, the bank said the investigation covers the period between Sep. 20, 2018, through Feb. 20, 2019, and relates to the disclosure of insider information and the obligation… Read More
18th September 2020
Swindlers are offering foreign students imaginary apartments for rent using false identities, addresses and other tricks of the trade. The police are all but powerless and urge people to stay vigilant as the scheme crosses more than one national border, ETV investigative journalism show “Pealtnägija” reported on Wednesday. “Everything was… Read More