29th May 2020
Italian police said on Thursday they had dismantled a major organised crime ring involving public works tenders valued at over 100 million euros ($110 million), including EU funds. Eleven public officials were identified among the 63 people targeted in the operation codenamed “Waterfront” against the powerful ‘Ndrangheta mafia of southern… Read More
29th May 2020
Germany wants to impose a European travel ban and asset freeze on the head of Russia’s military intelligence agency and several of its spies in response to a 2015 cyberattack on the German Parliament that was traced back to Moscow earlier this month. The government will invoke a European… Read More
28th May 2020
The UK is at risk of becoming more vulnerable to illicit funds if it doesn’t closely cooperate with EU authorities on a post-Brexit deal, City of London lawyers told the Financial Times. The concerns follow recently announced plans by the European Union to strengthen its anti-money laundering controls by empowering… Read More
25th May 2020
Thanks for the effort, but you really need to do better. Some EU countries are among the best in the world at implementing technical recommendations to combat money laundering, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to impressive results: In the bloc, only 1.1 percent of estimated illicit proceeds are seized by… Read More
22nd May 2020
The European Union, about to splash out hundreds of billions to prevent its corona-hit economy from collapsing, assured the money would not end up in the wrong hands despite signs criminals are stepping up their game during the pandemic. A Luxembourg Times investigation last month revealed shortcomings in anti-money laundering… Read More
22nd May 2020
A plan to boost European Union powers to curb the flow of dirty money through banks faced resistance at an EU meeting from member states recently hit by major money-laundering and financial fraud scandals, three officials told Reuters. The EU is discussing how to strengthen its scrutiny of the financial… Read More
21st May 2020
By Cecilia Anesi, Giulio Rubino, Nathan Jaccard, Antonio Baquero, Lilia Saúl Rodríguez and Aubrey Belford, OCCRP, 20 May 2020 OCCRP — As a wave of coronavirus infections hit Italy in late March, Rocco Molè, a member of the country’s ’Ndrangheta organized crime group, was faced with a dilemma. He was… Read More
19th May 2020
By Anastasia Austin, InSight Crime, 18 May 2020 InSight Crime — The European Union’s latest money laundering blacklist included four Caribbean nations that have been deemed to be high-risk countries. The list was met by cries of unfairness from officials, but why were these countries added in the first place… Read More
18th May 2020
Malta is delaying the operational set-up of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) through its failure to nominate three eligible candidates to sit on its College of Prosecutors. Each EU member state which has joined the EPPO has to nominate three candidates for the position of European prosecutor, one of… Read More
18th May 2020
The European Commission launched legal actions on Thursday against Luxembourg over laws to prevent money laundering and tax avoidance, it said in a statement. New EU rules to step up scrutiny of financial assets controlled by politicians and companies’ owners were approved in May 2018 in an effort to clamp… Read More