5th March 2019
Leaked documents indicate that Nordea Bank and other institutions processed billions of euros in suspicious transactions from a network of shell companies, Finnish television network Yle reported Monday. The data leak shows that 700 million euros flowed through the bank despite signs that at least some of the funds could likely… Read More
5th March 2019
Shares in Nordea, the Nordic region’s biggest bank, tumbled on Monday after Finnish public broadcaster Yle announced it would air a program later in the day containing allegations of money-laundering through the bank. Yle said a large data leak showed that hundreds of millions of euros from suspicious sources had… Read More
31st October 2018
A recent review into Nordea Bank by Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has identified some deficiencies in its anti-money laundering controls. The FSA picked up weaknesses in areas such as risk assessment and client knowledge, Bloomberg reports, citing a FSA letter to Nordea’s management. “The regulator has given Nordea a… Read More
25th October 2018
British-based businessman Bill Browder has reportedly accused Nordea Bank of processing $405 million is suspicious funds, adding more details about the banks he alleges helped launder dirty money from Russia. Nordea is listed in a criminal complaint filed to Finish authorities, Bloomberg said, adding that Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation… Read More
3rd May 2018
Spanish police have arrested 11 individuals suspected of being part of a criminal network that laundered millions for drug dealers using cryptocurrencies, credit cards and over a hundred bank accounts. The Spanish-based group was approached by drug dealers to help them launder their illicit cash, authorities say. Read More
Compliance professionals in many large organizations are faced with a dilemma: is it possible to maintain the clarity of a single global compliance policy while still complying with the increasingly divergent local laws? Read More
18th May 2017
The biggest bank in the Nordic region says this month’s ransomware attack underscores the need for lawmakers to look more closely at bitcoin’s role in financial crime. Nordea Bank AB, whose chief risk officer, Julie Galbo, testified to the Danish parliament on Tuesday in response to questions about management’s efforts… Read More
17th January 2017
The World Economic Forum has released its 2017 "Inclusive Growth and Development Report" — a major look into how nations around the world can best ensure that their businesses and institutions function as efficiently as possible. Read More
7th December 2016
Pharmaceutical giant hiked price of anti-epilepsy drug by up to 2,600%, says competition regulator. Read More
5th August 2016
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says that banks are placing more effort into crime-fighting. Meanwhile people in Finland are still falling prey to seemingly-obvious internet scams, says its Financial Intelligence Unit. Read More