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FinCEN Files: Dublin business features in leak of US treasury documents

An unprecedented glimpse into the staggering amounts of suspect money that flow through the international banking system is revealed in leaked files from an agency of the US Department of the Treasury that have been seen by The Irish Times. The files show that the world’s largest banks play a… Read More

Brian Grendon gang has taken drugs crown from Kinahan cartel, say gardai

Gardai believe the Kinahan crime cartel no longer controls the drugs trade in Ireland and has now been replaced with a gang led by Brian Grendon, a convicted heroin dealer from west Dublin, whose organisation is generating up to €5m a week. Grendon is presently the focus of Operation Compact,… Read More

Ireland: Anti-money laundering rules to be made law after State fined €2m for delays

The Government is to transpose regulations aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, just over a month after the State was fined €2 million fine for delays in implementing the new EU rules. Minister for Justice Helen McEntee earlier this week received approval from Cabinet for the publication of… Read More
10th August 2020
In March, Interpol revealed details of a criminal scheme involving compromised emails, advance-payment fraud and money laundering across Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The case involved two sales companies in Zurich and Hamburg, contracted by German health authorities to procure face masks, that were duped into making payments to what… Read More
17th July 2020
The European Union’s top court fined on Thursday Romania and Ireland for delays and incomplete application of the bloc’s rules against money laundering and terrorist financing, it said in a statement. Romania was ordered to pay to the European Commission a lump sum of 3 million euros, while Ireland was… Read More
16th July 2020
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation believes firms in the nearly $10-trillion private investment funds industry are being used as vehicles for laundering money at scale, according to a leaked intelligence bulletin prepared by the agency in May. “Threat actors” — including criminals in it for the money and foreign… Read More
8th July 2020
With three decades in construction under his belt and his family almost reared, Philip Doyle dared to dream a little during the lockdown period. A recreational diver in his spare time and already part-owner of a small boat, he decided he would invest in a larger vessel of his own. Read More
7th July 2020
‘Money laundering is modern-day alchemy. You take cash earned from criminal activity, put it through a system designed to obliterate any trail of its origins, and then bring it out the other end as legitimate income,” said Jeffrey Robinson, author of The Laundrymen, a seminal book on the subject. Money… Read More
25th June 2020
Just under two years ago gardaí became inundated with requests for assistance from police forces in Europe all telling a similar story. Somebody in a European country had made a purchase online – from a luxury watch to a caravan, tractor or classic car – but they had not… Read More
22nd June 2020
A senior associate of the Kinahan cartel has been charged with 30 money laundering offences relating to bank accounts he held in his own name over a five-year period. Jonathan Harding (48), who is currently serving a lengthy jail term over a major weapons seizure linked to the crime gang,… Read More
16th June 2020
The Irish government has asked authorities in America and the UK to use their political influence to help gardai pursue international drug trafficker Daniel Kinahan, who has become a big-time promoter in professional boxing. The move is part of a diplomatic strategy to build a “coalition” of governments and international… Read More
8th May 2020
Gardaí have discovered evidence that Covid-19 payments are being abused by Dublin-based fraudsters involved in money laundering as a part of a wider European network of criminals. Two men have been arrested as part of a Garda inquiry into “money-mule” bank accounts. This is the use by criminals of third… Read More
4th May 2020
Pressure is mounting on the Central Bank of Ireland to further delay the enforcement of new EU regulations aimed at making online payments more secure. The Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) said it was worried about possible disruptions as online retailers upgrade their payments systems to comply… Read More