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Calling London

By Matteo Civillini, Giulio Rubino, Cecilia Anesi, Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) OCCRP — Fabio Castaldi is surprisingly hard to find in London for a man who has registered hundreds of companies there. He supposedly runs a tax consultancy out of a co-working space in Moorgate, in the city’s central business… Read More

Money Laundering Mafia Dismantled In Spain

A mafia gang that laundered money illegally obtained in Italy has been busted in the Canary Islands. This investigation has led to the blocking and seizure of 37 properties and 19 companies worth approximately 14 million euros. The Civil Guard and the Tax Office, together with the Carabinieri Force of… Read More

ING ordered to pay 30 million euros to settle Italy money-laundering probe: source

A Milan court ordered Dutch lender ING (INGA.AS) to pay 30 million euros ($33.17 million) to settle a money-laundering case in Italy, a judicial source said on Tuesday. The judge Roberto Crepaldi imposed a penalty of 1 million euros and ordered another 29 million euros to be confiscated from… Read More
31st January 2020
Italian prosecutors have investigated UBS Europe for possible money laundering and obstructing the work of regulators as part of a fraud inquiry into small asset manager Sofia SGR, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said. The sources said the investigation is over, and that prosecutors are expected to… Read More
24th January 2020
They made quite a team. One was an Oxford-educated wunderkind who handled the complicated math behind the transactions. The other was a beefy, 6-foot-2 New Zealander with an apparent fondness for Hawaiian shirts, who brought in clients and money. Martin Shields and Paul Mora met in 2004, at the London… Read More
17th January 2020
The authorities will be looking into reports that banks in Malta were used by the Italian mafia in a massive operation in Sicily that defrauded the European Union of millions of euros in funds for farmers, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said. The public prosecutor in Messina said on… Read More
17th January 2020
An Italian court on Thursday backed a decision last year by supervisors at the Bank of Italy prohibiting Dutch lender ING from taking on new customers in Italy over a money laundering case. The central bank also ordered the lender to remove its Italian CEO. The Bank of Italy measure,… Read More
10th January 2020
It was the middle of a typically cold Ukrainian winter, and Valerii Berezkin, a balding, middle-aged mechanic, was in debt and needed cash. Then, in a billiards hall in the city of Cherkasy, a man approached him with a tempting offer: He could travel to Turkey and make money ferrying… Read More
9th January 2020
Switzerland’s Federal Police Office (Fedpol) deported two Italian citizens suspected of involvement in organized crime in 2019, marking the first time individuals have been forcibly expelled from the country on national security grounds because of their alleged ties to the mafia, according to German-language newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. The move reflects… Read More
26th December 2019
In recent weeks, CNA has been covering a Vatican financial scandal involving a multi-million-dollar investment fund, money donated by Catholics to support charity and Vatican ministries, and a pair of banks linked to money-laundering and bribery allegations. The financial scandal is one of several unfolding at the Vatican, and covered… Read More
24th December 2019
Prosecutors in the southern Italian town of Bari are investigating the former chairman of Popolare di Bari for alleged corruption in relation to the central bank’s supervisory activity over the failing local lender, a judicial source said on Sunday. Earlier this month Italy’s government approved an… Read More
20th December 2019
Italian police have arrested 334 mob suspects including police chiefs, lawyers and former MPs in an unprecedented crackdown on the ‘Ndrangheta mafia. The night-time raids, which involved 3,000 police and included arrests in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria as well as in Italy, were a huge blow to the ‘Ndrangheta mafia,… Read More
12th December 2019
Like many other European countries, Germany has long been a focus of transnational organized crime gangs, most of which operate in the drug trade. They bring tons of illegal drugs across borders and large amounts of dirty money to be laundered in Germany. Organized crime in Europe is generally less… Read More