15th July 2019
After a U.S. money-laundering probe rocked Latvia’s economy, sending one of its largest banks belly up, the Baltic nation’s U.S.-born leader is trying to convince Washington and business leaders that he’s cleaning up his country’s financial system for good. In meetings this week with top investors and U.S. policy makers,… Read More
10th July 2019
A corruption case against Latvian central bank governor Ilmars Rimsevics has been handed to a court for consideration, the Latvian Prosecution Office said on Tuesday, more than a year after he was first detained by anti-corruption agents. Rimsevics, a top policy-maker at the European Central Bank, was detained by the… Read More
8th July 2019
The head of Latvia’s bank watchdog is to step down following a move by the country’s parliament to reform the finance industry regulator as part of efforts to combat money laundering. Latvia is under pressure to clean up its banking sector after series of scandals. Moneyval, the money laundering and… Read More
17th June 2019
Europe’s Baltic states are at risk from further Russian money laundering, a top European police official said after several big banks were hit by scandals centred on the region. Pedro Felicio, who is responsible for fighting money laundering at European police agency Europol, told Reuters that “huge inflows of criminal… Read More
14th June 2019
Latvia’s parliament on Thursday passed a bill aimed at strengthening control over the financial watchdog as the Baltic state moves to distance itself from a series of scandals that have hit the banking sector in recent years. The country’s new government, formed in January after months of political deadlock, hopes… Read More
7th June 2019
The European Commission on Wednesday called on six EU member-states to bolster their anti-money laundering (AML) supervisory and enforcement efforts in light of recent bank scandals and the risks of crypto-assets. The requests highlight recent efforts by Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Malta… Read More
6th June 2019
Latvia’s Ministry of Justice has added charges of money laundering to its ongoing bribery case against European Central Bank Governing Council member Ilmars Rimsevics, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Latvian prosecutors last year accused Rimsevics of soliciting a bribe of €500,000 from a since-shuttered bank that was alleged to have violated money laundering… Read More
17th May 2019
Latvia came under renewed pressure to accelerate financial reforms as a senior U.S. official, at a meeting with its prime minister, underscored the urgent need for stricter controls after a money laundering scandal. His remarks come more than a year after the United States acted to shut down ABLV, a… Read More
18th April 2019
Bill Browder, an investor who campaigns to expose corruption, has taken a criminal complaint against Swedbank to Latvian authorities, alleging it was involved in a Russian money laundering scandal. Swedish broadcaster SVT reported in March that Swedbank processed gross transactions worth up to 20 billion euros a year from high-risk,… Read More
17th April 2019
A year after closing one of its largest banks for money laundering and the detention of its central bank governor for alleged bribery, Latvia is struggling to deal with the fallout from the corruption scandal. The country’s new government, formed in January after months of political deadlock, is trying to… Read More