11th May 2017
Tax police in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state investigate possible tax evasion of German companies through offshore companies in Malta, local media reported Wednesday. According to the Handelsblatt newspaper, Finance Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Norbert Walter-Borjans said that an anonymous source handed a memory card with information about up to 70,000… Read More
2nd May 2017
The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) said it was established as an independent administrative intelligence agency in 2002 by means of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The main function of the FIAU is the collection, collation, processing, analysis and dissemination of information for the purpose of combating money laundering… Read More
17th April 2017
The Financial Intelligence and Analysis Unit is precluded by law from commenting on whether it is investigating the Maltese link in the Russian Laundromat scandal, which saw around €3 million in allegedly laundered Russian funds having been transferred to Malta. Read More
3rd April 2017
When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and more than 100 media partners began publishing the Panama Papers investigation on April 3, 2016, almost no country was untouched by its revelations. Governments in more than 70 countries have launched over 150 investigations, inquiries, audits and probes into the affairs of… Read More
28th March 2017
Malta's threat places it 20th out of 27 states, Pana Committee told. Read More
25th October 2016
The Italian who ran a money laundering operation in Malta through a network of remote gaming companies has been rewarded for collaborating with the Italian authorities by being allowed to resurrect the business he ran for the Calabria mafia,’Ndrangheta. Mario Gennaro, 39, was arrested in Malta in July 2015 together… Read More
3rd October 2016
The former head of Malta’s Financial Intelligence and Analysis Unit (FIAU) has officially joined law firm ARQ Group as its chief executive officer. Manfred Galdes, who until early August led the anti-money laundering unit, has been appointed director of ARQ Group’s compliance unit and will be directing the anti-money laundering… Read More
11th August 2016
Fenech Farrugia Fiott (FFF) Legal confirms former FIAU chief Manfred Galdes will be joining the legal firm as a partner Read More
9th August 2016
Panama Papers cast doubt on island’s ability to push through EU anti-graft laws. Read More
17th June 2016
During this morning’s conference on Malta’s EU Presidency 2017 organised by MEP Roberta Metsola, titled ‘Malta in the Driving Seat’, Leader of the Nationalist Party Simon Busuttil reflected on a myriad of scenarios leading to and resulting from Malta’s impending EU Presidency. He encouraged the importance of having a successful… Read More