31st July 2020
Terrorism is historically an uncommon factor inside Malta, but terror financing is a distinct phenomenon which the island has not been immune to. A report by Malta’s Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) has revealed various cases in which Maltese credit institutions were used for the funding of terror organisations, as… Read More
29th July 2020
Sparkasse Bank has been fined €217,000 for anti-money laundering breaches by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit. The Austrian bank was used by Portmann Capital Management, which was identified as the suspect investment firm named in US Homeland Security Investigations investigating illegal payments from the Venezuelan state oil company to top… Read More
28th July 2020
An attempt to introduce an “unexplained wealth order” law by the justice minister has been placed on the backburner, according to a Cabinet source. Although the reason is unclear, the legal proposal for executive powers to clamp down on unexplained wealth and the accumulation of assets such as cars, boats… Read More
21st July 2020
Around 10,000 defunct companies have been stricken off the Malta Business Registry, in another move intended to improve the island’s reputation. Companies were taken off the list when they failed to file annual reports or accounts or did not give official ownership information. Malta now has 96,000 companies on the… Read More
17th July 2020
Tax authorities have investigated 237 cases in connection with the 2016 Panama Papers leak and a further 96 over Swiss Leaks and have so far recouped more than €27.6 million, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said on Wednesday. Scicluna said €14.2 million was recovered from 163 concluded cases following the Panama… Read More
14th July 2020
A total of 58 foreign nationals bought a Maltese passport without presenting their birth certificate in just 18 months, opposition MP Karol Aquilina is claiming. “This is further testament to the fake due diligence of this programme which is tarnishing Malta’s reputation,” he said. Aquilina divulged this “scandal” in parliament… Read More
9th July 2020
The United States government has gained custody of a Nigerian man who could have been behind the multi-million cyberattack on Bank of Valletta in February 2019. The FBI’s criminal complaint says that Ramoni Igbalode Abbas aka “Hushpuppi”, who amassed 2.4 million followers on Instagram flaunting luxury cars, designer clothing,… Read More
7th July 2020
MFSA CEO Joseph Cuschieri says the financial regulator is ready to take on a new role that will bolster its investigative and supervisory powers against the problems of financial crime that risk Malta’s greylisting by Moneyval. There is serious talk about Malta’s possible grey listing from Moneyval. Let’s start with… Read More
3rd July 2020
€120 million in financial transactions from the shuttered Portmann Capital Management, were funnelled through the private Malta-based Pilatus Bank, the former economic crimes unit boss said. Assistant Commissioner Ian Abdilla told the public inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, that Portmann had channelled a total of €120 million… Read More
2nd July 2020
A Malta-based bank, Satabank, has had its licence withdrawn by the European Central Bank, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and the Malta Financial Services Authority said on Wednesday. The decision was taken on the recommendation of the authority. The Bulgarian-owned bank, established in 2014, had its 12,000 accounts frozen by the… Read More