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Moldova Seeks Plahotniuc’s Extradition Over $100 Million Bank Theft Charges

Moldova’s General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, on Monday said the fugitive tycoon Vlad Plahotniuc, the former leader of the Democratic Party, PD, had illegally got hold of 100 million US dollars from the banking system. He added that Plahotniuc was helped in this action by a group of companies belonging to… Read More

Former U.S. envoy under scrutiny for links to sanctioned Moldovan oligarch, land baron

U.S. President Donald Trump’s most senior intelligence official, Richard Grenell, came under scrutiny last month after it emerged he had carried out work for sanctioned Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. Mongabay has since learned that Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, is not the only Washington political figure with… Read More

The Northern Irish ghost companies that mask crime worldwide

By David Leask, Peter Geoghegan and Richard Smith openDemocracy — Nikolai Sukhanov is used to flags of convenience. The flags of many nations flutter from the stern of ships on the docks and quays of Nakhodka in Russia’s far east. Owners often register their vessels thousands of miles from home, in countries… Read More
20th March 2020
The International Monetary Fund expressed concern in a report issued on Wednesday about the weak supervision of the non-banking financial sector in Moldova and about inadequate efforts to prevent and combat money-laundering and the financing of terrorism. Moldova has been implicated in recent years in a large-scale money-laundering… Read More
9th March 2020
Moldova has detained two current and two former senior central bank officials on suspicion of involvement in a $1 billion theft in 2014-2015 that shook the nation, authorities said on Thursday. The disappearance of that money from three banks – Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank – plunged the… Read More
5th March 2020
He’s one of the most powerful, and most notorious, tycoons in Moldova’s three decades of independence, a man linked to the “theft of the century” — the disappearance of $1 billion from Moldovan banks in 2014. A longtime behind-the-scenes power broker, Vladimir Plahotniuc fled Moldova in June 2019 after being… Read More
11th December 2019
To visit Moldova is to be presented with a stark reminder of the difficulty of genuine reform. Since declaring independence in 1991, the Republic of Moldova, a tiny sliver of a country squeezed between Ukraine and Romania, has struggled for cohesion, meaning and identity. Since 1991, its population has shrunk… Read More
30th October 2019
At the edge of a lake on a fault line of the new Cold War stands a building that, depending on how you look at it, is either a relic of a failed revolution or the beating heart of a new one. In Soviet times, the Kuchurgan electricity plant powered… Read More
25th October 2019
Dirty money worms its way into banks, law firms, and accounting agencies. It seeps into properties, companies, and even schools. And despite a crackdown by British lawmakers and police, the $418 billion flood shows no signs of receding as criminals from around the world continue to make the U.K. a… Read More
17th October 2019
The process of the banking system looting was a well-prepared operation in time, coordinated with politicians and state dignitaries. It is one of the conclusions of the report for the elucidation of all circumstances of the banking system looting and investigation of the banking fraud, presented on October 17 at… Read More
12th September 2019
The anti-money laundering body of the Council of Europe, Moneyval, said on Wednesday that Moldovan authorities need to fully and consistently use the legislative framework in order to combat money laundering. Moldova should also increase the effectiveness of confiscation of proceeds, in particular regarding extended confiscation, the Council of Europe said… Read More
15th August 2019
More than £100m suspected to have been imported to the UK from bribery and corruption overseas has been frozen following a court order obtained by the National Crime Agency. Westminster magistrates’ court granted account freezing orders covering eight bank accounts holding in excess of £100m which is “suspected to have… Read More
18th April 2019
Deutsche Bank “very likely” processed illicit transactions linked to a massive Russian money laundering network that the lender was unaware of until media reports of it surfaced, a leaked audit report concluded last year. The “strictly confidential” report by the bank’s supervisory board audit committee determined that the institution’s… Read More