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Prosecutors Drop Investigation Into Millions Missing From Montenegro Bank

Prosecutors in Montenegro halted an investigation into nearly 22 million euros illegally paid to privileged clients of a failing financial institution while it was under the management of the Central Bank, even as smaller account holders lost their savings. The state prosecutor’s office ended its probe into the Central Bank’s… Read More

Montenegro Launches Golden Visa Application Process

Montenegro has on Thursday officially launched the application process for its Citizens by Investment Program, otherwise known as the Golden Visa scheme, which offers rich foreigners and their families citizenship in return for investments worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Golden Visa programs came under scrutiny after investigative journalists… Read More

How Russian ‘Blood Money’ Flowed Into Montenegro

For three years, a sleek 21-meter yacht moored in Porto Montenegro, an exclusive marina on the Balkan nation’s Adriatic coast. But documents obtained by OCCRP suggest that the boat was more than just a pleasure cruiser for the rich: It was a vessel for moving money of dubious origin via… Read More