25th July 2017
We know there are tax havens. We just can’t agree on where they are. Although many countries recognise that major corporations divert tax revenue—there’s a reason, after all, why US multinationals hold more than $2 trillion overseas—collective action is tough. Read More
7th July 2017
The G20 summit is starting in Hamburg today and the Netherlands is participating for the first time in seven years, at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel. And while the Netherlands is excited about taking part in the summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his delegation may face some… Read More
4th May 2017
Dutch railway company NS is circumventing the Dutch Tax Authorities using its subsidiary Abellio in Ireland, Trouw reported on Thursday. According to the newspaper, the Ministry of Finance previously instructed NS to stop these tax evasion practices. Abellio set up an Irish company called Disa Assets Limited late last year, according to… Read More
19th April 2017
Researchers at the University of Limerick are undertaking an investigation into tax and evasion in the European Union, in line with their European counterparts. The Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators project is one of the world’s largest research projects on tax and inequality, and aims to discover how much tax revenue is being lost… Read More
19th April 2017
A CEO never expects to be wiretapped. Let’s face it – a wiretap in the C-Suite is rare. Justice Department prosecutors have always looked for an opportunity. CEOs have loose lips and can suffer significant damage from recorded conversations. Dutch prosecutors recorded Shell Oil Company’s CEO, Ben van Beurden and… Read More
6th April 2017
A British woman has been arrested and assets worth millions of euros have been recovered in a tax evasion probe in Britain and The Netherlands, apparently involving Swiss bank accounts, Dutch officials said Wednesday. The arrest came after at least four European countries and Australia said last week that they… Read More
6th April 2017
Hundreds of secret Swiss bank accounts identified by Australian authorities as part of a global tax evasion and money laundering investigation are still in use, a top tax official said on Wednesday. Coordinated raids on scores of suspicious bank accounts began last week in Australia, the Netherlands,… Read More
3rd April 2017
Swiss bank Credit Suisse has been dragged into yet more tax evasion and money laundering investigations, after a tip-off to Dutch prosecutors about tens of thousands of suspect accounts triggered raids in five countries. Coordinated raids began on Thursday in the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, France and Australia, the… Read More
31st March 2017
A tax evasion tip-off has led Dutch prosecutors to carry out raids in five countries, including the UK. Authorities in the Netherlands said the probe related to over 55,000 accounts held at a Swiss bank, which officials refused to identify. The raids, carried out in the Netherlands, UK, Germany,… Read More
23rd March 2017
‘After years shrouded in darkness, they can now shine again,’ says Dutch education minister. Read More