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Western Advisers Helped An Autocrat’s Daughter Amass And Shield A Fortune

Pausing at the entrance to a star-studded bash at the Cannes Film Festival, ’90s icon Sharon Stone flashed her one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet. It was a wraparound hippo with rubies for eyes, sapphire nostrils and white diamond teeth. Its body was covered in brown, gray and white diamonds. The dazzling ornament… Read More

In Europe’s Dirty Money Scandals, Bill Browder Sees Wilful Blindness

Officials in the United Kingdom and bankers throughout Scandinavia turned a blind eye to the influx of illicit Russian funds linked to Europe’s biggest money laundering scandals, according to a British financier and anti-corruption activist. In a recent interview for KYC360’s AML Talk Show, Bill Browder spoke to host… Read More

Russian Billionaire Loses Lawsuit Against Nordic Banks

A group of Nordic banks that had been sued by a Russian oligarch aren’t required to accept his business, in what may prove to be a landmark ruling by a court in Finland. Russian billionaire Boris Rotenberg, an associate of President Vladimir Putin, lost his lawsuit against four Nordic… Read More
15th January 2020
British offshore tax havens will send information about Russian assets registered in their jurisdictions to the Russian tax authorities, despite London and Moscow having cancelled an international agreement which facilitates the sharing of such financial information. Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are set to share details on bank… Read More
14th January 2020
Family members and close associates of Mihajlo Perenčević, a wealthy Croatian businessman with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, received millions of dollars from Russia under the guise of fictitious real estate purchases. The funds were deposited in the recipients’ personal bank accounts in Austria, thereby possibly evading Croatian money… Read More
14th January 2020
A former U.S. Treasury official pleaded guilty Monday to illegally leaking highly confidential documents about suspicious financial transactions of ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and others to reporters at BuzzFeed News. The official, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, leaked so-called suspicious activity reports, or SARS, starting in October 2017 about Manafort,… Read More
14th January 2020
Corrupt Russian oligarchs are bringing lawsuits in English courts to launder hundreds of millions of pounds in dirty money, research reveals. British lawyers and academics claim that there is “ample evidence” that they have attempted to manipulate the UK judicial system to wash ill-gotten gains and settle old scores. They… Read More
13th January 2020
Should banks be forced to accept a client who could be on the wrong side of the law? A court in Finland is about to decide the answer to that question, and its verdict may have far-reaching implications. Russian billionaire Boris Rotenberg is suing four Nordic banks for not doing… Read More
13th January 2020
The U.S. could face more legal challenges to proposed sanctions penalties after Exxon Mobil Corp.’s recent victory in a Texas federal court, white collar attorneys say. The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has been on a hot streak of sorts, hitting a six-year high in its number of… Read More
7th January 2020
Investigators have lifted the lid on a Scottish gangster’s gory death – claiming he was the Russian mob’s top money launderer in the UK. Scot Young, from Dundee, was impaled on railings after he fell from a fourth-floor window at his luxury London home in 2014. At the… Read More
6th January 2020
Iran will no longer honor its commitment to limit its enrichment of uranium, stepping away from a key component of the landmark nuclear deal it agreed to with six nations, including the United States, in 2015. The announcement was reported Sunday in Iranian state media. It marks the latest in… Read More
6th January 2020
Russian collecting couple, Igor and Olga Toporovsky, have been arrested in Belgium on suspicion of fraud and money laundering, according to our sister publication, The Art Newspaper Russia (no charges have yet been brought). The pair are linked to a show of Russian avant-garde works held at the Museum of… Read More
1st January 2020
Exxon Mobil Corp. won a lawsuit challenging a $2 million fine levied against it by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin after the company allegedly violated Ukraine-related sanctions with a series oil and gas deals in Russia. Exxon wasn’t given sufficient notice that the 2014 contracts with a powerful ally… Read More