3rd August 2016
The mayor of the Russian city of Yaroslavl on Wednesday was found guilty of soliciting bribes and sentenced to 12 ½ years in a high-security prison — an unusually harsh verdict. When he was arrested in 2013, Yevgeny Urlashov was the only opposition mayor of a major Russian city. He… Read More
26th July 2016
Geneva justice authorities have opened a money laundering investigation into former Russian oligarch Sergei Pugachev, blocking access to funds in the process. The investigation is based on revelations in the so-called Panama Papers. Read More
22nd July 2016
Russia's presence at the Rio Olympics would threaten the integrity of the entire Games movement, according to former World Anti-Doping Agency president John Fahey. Read More
14th July 2016
Five members of an international money-laundering gang based in London have been jailed after cops unravelled their malware-enabled conspiracy. The gang, composed exclusively of Russian nationals, was led by a pair of men who were both named Aslan. Aslan Abazov, 30, of Cromwell Road, London SW7,was sentenced to seven years… Read More
5th July 2016
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law on Monday a draft law toughening responsibility for corruption in Russian sports stipulating penalties from financial fines to prison terms. Read More
1st July 2016
The European Union has formally extended economic sanctions against Russia until January 31, 2017, the EU Council announced in a statement on Friday. The sanctions limit access to EU capital markets for a number of Russian financial institutions, as well as energy and defense firms. Restrictions on arms trading and… Read More
1st July 2016
The governor of the central Russian Kirov region has been detained, “accused of accepting a 400,000 euro bribe’ Nikita Belykh is said to have taken money personally and via an intermediary in return for protecting suspicious investment business, including for a local ski factory and forest management company. A criminal… Read More
1st July 2016
The United States Department of State said European Union economies have suffered losses due to sanctions placed against Russian businessmen and government figures, according to a statement made by Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday. The official said the effect of the sanctions policy had been “marginal,” though… Read More
29th June 2016
German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed Tuesday night that the European Union would extend economic sanctions against Russia, according to The Wall Street Journal. Read More
28th June 2016
Police in Spain said Tuesday they had arrested eight people and seized property worth €62 million ($68 million) as part of a probe into a group suspected of laundering Russian mafia money. The suspects – four Russians, two Ukrainians and two Spaniards – made major investments in real estate on… Read More