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How Group America’s Drug Money Feeds the Balkan Economy

By Stevan Dojcinovic, Dragana Peco, Jelena Vasic and Pavla Holcova, OCCRP, 1 September 2020 OCCRP — What do drug traffickers do with the mountains of cash they make supplying Europe’s cocaine habit? For members of Group America, the answer is easy: Spend it on Zlatibor, a mountain resort in… Read More

Serbia welcomes arms dealer sanctioned by US

Most modern battlefields feature Slobodan Tesic’s merchandise. Since the end of the Yugoslav wars this Serbian arms dealer has played the middleman between post-Communist regimes with gluts of weaponry and failing states slipping into conflict. He has taken ammunition from Belarus to Libya and sold Serbian sniper rifles in Yemen. Read More

Critics decry Serbian probe of media, rights groups over terror financing, money laundering

Serbia’s Finance Ministry has launched a terrorist financing and money laundering probe into journalists and nongovernmental organizations that critics say is a blatant attempt at intimidation by President Aleksandar Vucic’s government. The ministry has requested bank information since the start of 2019 from 20 individuals and 37 nongovernmental organizations and… Read More
24th July 2020
By Olesya Shmagun, OCCRP, 22 July 2020 OCCRP – Though its population barely exceeds 200,000 people, Geneva is one of the world’s most important diplomatic centers. The International Red Cross and the World Health Organization are headquartered in the picturesque Swiss city, along with the second-largest office of the… Read More
6th May 2020
By Bojana Jovanović, Stevan Dojčinović and Svetlana Đokić, OCCRP, 5 May 2020 OCCRP — A police officer, a football hooligan, and a Montenegrin gangster walk through a ski resort in the mountains of southern Serbia. Nine hours later, and halfway across the country, the gangster is dead in a Belgrade… Read More
9th April 2020
An international crime ring that conned hundreds of people out of millions of pounds has been broken up in police raids across Bulgaria and Serbia. Nine people were arrested in an operation co-ordinated by Europol and conducted by police in the two countries, as well as in Germany and Austria. Read More
12th September 2019
Police investigating suspected fraud linked to the transfer of Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic to Newcastle United have raided properties in Belgium, Monaco and London, arresting two people including an agent, officials said Wednesday. The probe, which earlier this year saw the Belgian FA headquarters searched, is looking into suspected money-laundering… Read More
27th January 2017
Mr Jammeh, thought to now be in Equatorial Guinea, is not the first leader accused of lining his own pockets with state funds. In fact, many have taken far more. Here are some of the worst offenders. Read More
18th January 2017
The United States imposed sanctions on Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Milorad Dodik on Tuesday for actively obstructing efforts to implement the 1995 Dayton Accords that ended the more than three-year war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read More
10th November 2016
The fight against corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey is failing, putting European Union accession at risk. Political elites have too much power and there are limited ways to hold the corrupt to account, according to Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movemen Read More
15th July 2016
On Wednesday, July 13, over 10,000 protesters in Serbia filled the streets of Belgrade, marching as part of a growing popular movement against political corruption and criminal acts surrounding the Belgrade Waterfront Project. The march was the fifth so far in an ongoing movement that has gained momentum since April. Read More
15th April 2016
Serbian police detained 49 people, including officials from ministries and state-owned firms, on suspicion of corruption and abuse of office on Friday as part of an anti-graft drive that has gained momentum before this month's election. Read More
18th March 2016
BELGRADE - Serbian police have arrested 46 people including 15 police constables on charges of corruption and money-laundering, the interior minister said on Friday, stepping up an anti-corruption drive before an April 24 election. Read More