21st March 2019
The Financial Conduct Authority has penalised UBS £27.6 million for making over 100 million errors and failing to provide accurate information regarding the reporting of transactions. The shortcomings relate to transaction reports made from 2007, up to as recent as 2017. The bank also failed to take ‘reasonable’ care to… Read More
18th March 2019
A Swiss court will decide within weeks whether UBS must hand over historical client data to French tax authorities, a ruling that could open the door to fresh financial claims against Switzerland’s banks. Although Switzerland exchanges bank account data on current clients with dozens of countries to crack down on… Read More
6th March 2019
Switzerland’s central bank launched a new 1,000 Swiss franc (759.4 pounds) note on Tuesday, saying one of the world’s most valuable banknotes catered to the popularity of cash in Swiss culture and was not a help for criminals. The Swiss National Bank’s announcement of the new lilac-coloured note, available from… Read More
3rd March 2019
AP—The financial intelligence unit of Mexico’s treasury has frozen $156 million of the state Autonomous University of Hidalgo’s funds while it investigates suspected money laundering, Treasury Secretary Santiago Nieto said Friday. The university received the money through Switzerland from accounts in 22 countries, according to the agency. Mexico’s financial… Read More
22nd February 2019
The French trial court on Wednesday found UBS AG and UBS (France) SA guilty of illicit solicitation and laundering the proceeds of tax fraud. It assessed a penalty of EUR 3.7 billion and EUR 15 million respectively and civil damages of EUR 800 million, or about 4.5 billion euros… Read More
23rd January 2019
A former UBS (UBSG.S) banker accused of selling information about wealthy German tax evaders to German authorities was convicted of economic espionage by a Swiss court on Monday. Rene S., as the 45-year-old ex-banker was called during court proceedings, was sentenced to 40 months in prison and must pay fines… Read More
7th January 2019
Credit Suisse has reportedly reached a deal with the New York State Attorney General’s office over misconduct allegations regarding residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). Prosecutors had sought billions over the case, in which the bank was accused of misrepresenting the quality of loans linked to MBS during the financial crisis. Instead,… Read More
4th January 2019
Three former Credit Suisse bankers have been arrested over money laundering and bribery charges pertaining to a scam which involved $2 billion in loans to companies in Mozambique. According to the prosecution, three Mozambican state-owned firms borrowed over $2 billion. The loan proceeds were meant to be used… Read More
4th January 2019
Swiss financial regulator FINMA has introduced a relaxed anti-money laundering regime for smaller financial technology firms as it looks to promote innovation. The companies will still be subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, under the new licensing category – known as the FinTech licence – in Article 1b of the… Read More
20th December 2018
A Russian mafia whistleblower who was found dead after going out for a run near his home in southern England six years ago probably died of natural causes rather than from an elaborate poison plot, a British coroner found on Wednesday. Alexander Perepilichny, 44, was found collapsed and vomiting… Read More