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Pakistan hopes its steps to ‘eradicate’ terrorism will keep it off a global blacklist

Over the past year, Pakistan says it has “fought and eradicated the menace of terrorism from its soil” by carrying out arrests, seizing property and freezing bank accounts of groups designated as terrorists by the United States and the United Nations. Analysts and current and former U.S. officials predict these… Read More

Turkey Faces Tax Blacklist If No Changes to Policy, Austria Says

Turkey has until the end of the year to comply with European Union demands on tax transparency, or else risk being added to a list of countries that could face financial sanctions, according to Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Blüemel. The EU’s 27 finance ministers meeting in Brussels determined that Turkey… Read More

EU adds Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Panama to tax haven blacklist, spares Turkey

European Union finance ministers added Panama, the Seychelles, the Cayman Islands and Palau to the EU’s blacklist of tax havens, while giving Turkey more time to avoid being listed, an EU document said on Tuesday. The list, which was set up in 2017 after revelations of widespread tax evasion and… Read More
18th February 2020
A California businessman teamed up with a senior member of a secretive polygamist sect to defraud the US government of $470 million which he then used to buy fast cars and luxury homes, a court was told. Lev Dermen, the owner of a chain of Californian truck stops, and Jacob… Read More
17th February 2020
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said he would help Pakistan stay off a terrorism financing blacklist at a meeting of a global finance watchdog, a move he suggested would counter “political pressure” from Islamabad’s critics. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which tackles money laundering, told Islamabad late last… Read More
14th February 2020
The European Union will add the Cayman Islands to a blacklist of foreign tax havens after the UK overseas territory failed to pass legislation that adequately addressed concerns about businesses seeking tax advantages in the jurisdiction, the Financial Times reported. EU27 ambassadors voted on Wednesday to include the Cayman… Read More
7th February 2020
Commissioned and undertaken jointly by the think tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and ACAMS in partnership with YouGov, the survey, based on 366 unique responses from across the global financial industry, shows that international banks are leading efforts in counter-proliferation finance, with local and national banks at greater risk… Read More
5th February 2020
European Union diplomats agreed to impose travel bans on two Turkish nationals and freeze their assets in retaliation for Ankara’s gas prospecting in disputed waters near Cyprus, two officials familiar with the matter said. The decision to target the two individuals was reached at a meeting of EU diplomats… Read More
4th February 2020
A federal appeals court granted a temporary halt in the U.S. prosecution of Turkish lender Halkbank over sanctions violation charges while it weighs other requests by the bank. Halkbank had previously sought to pursue a dismissal of the case without entering a plea on the charges. A judge denied… Read More
28th January 2020
When the trial for the last of five defendants in the Washakie Renewable Energy case starts this week, jurors can expect to hear about a Utah polygamous sect, bribery, and how proceeds of a $511 million biofuel fraud were laundered into ritzy homes, expensive cars and Turkish industries. Lev… Read More
22nd January 2020
Turkey’s Halkbank should pay millions of dollars in fines for its continued failure to respond to U.S. sanctions-evasions charges, federal prosecutors in New York said. In a court filing Tuesday, the government asked a federal judge to impose a daily $1 million fine that would double each week the… Read More
10th January 2020
It was the middle of a typically cold Ukrainian winter, and Valerii Berezkin, a balding, middle-aged mechanic, was in debt and needed cash. Then, in a billiards hall in the city of Cherkasy, a man approached him with a tempting offer: He could travel to Turkey and make money ferrying… Read More
27th December 2019
A federal judge in Manhattan on Thursday rejected a request by Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank to put on hold a federal prosecution accusing it of helping Iran evade U.S. economic sanctions. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said Halkbank would not face irreparable harm if the case proceeded, and that limiting its… Read More