3rd April 2020
A Russian state-owned fund that says it footed half the bill of a coronavirus aid shipment delivered to the U.S. on Wednesday has been on a U.S. Treasury restricted lending list since 2015. The Russian Direct Investment Fund, a $10 billion sovereign-wealth fund started by Russian President Vladimir Putin in… Read More
2nd April 2020
U.K. authorities have fined Standard Chartered PLC for violating sanctions that the European Union imposed on Russia following its annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine in 2014. The British bank must pay £20.47 million ($25.41 million) for violating the EU’s sanctions against Russia, the U.K. Treasury’s Office of… Read More
31st March 2020
Ukraine’s parliament has passed a bank law critical to unlocking international financial assistance in its first reading. Colloquially known as the “anti-Kolomoisky law” after oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, the bill’s adoption is the main requirement for Ukraine to secure a much-needed $5.5-billion loan program from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The… Read More
30th March 2020
A massive scandal broke in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office on the afternoon of March 29. A lawmaker leaked videos online that appeared to implicate Denys Yermak, the brother of Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Andriy Yermak, in corruption. The videos were published by Geo Leros, a member of Zelensky’s Servant of the People party in parliament… Read More
30th March 2020
A former prime minister of Ukraine said the country’s anti-corruption reforms are at risk of stalling just as the government has asked for a significant expansion in foreign aid to prop up the economy because of coronavirus shutdowns. The Ukrainian government had already been deeply reliant on foreign assistance to… Read More
23rd March 2020
PrivatBank, the largest and the most profitable bank in Ukraine, has been fighting a legal war with its former owners for a couple of years now. Right after the state took the bank away from its oligarch stakeholders Ihor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Boholyubov in December 2016, the pair hired an… Read More
19th March 2020
By David Klein OCCRP — The deputy chief of staff to Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s staunch anti-corruption president, has now found himself amidst a corruption probe. Andriy Smyrnov is now under investigation for his involvement in the escape of a judge, who had been caught taking a bribe, from the country… Read More
13th March 2020
A VICE exclusive has revealed the Romanian Ministry of Justice is investigating hundreds of cases of Romanian passports allegedly being granted to people without proof of Romanian heritage. As detailed in the Ministry of Justice report seen by VICE Romania, the scheme has allegedly allowed a large number of Russian… Read More
11th March 2020
By Will Neal OCCRP — Investigators in more than 15 countries have seized almost 36 million units of medical drugs in a coordinated sting on European groups trafficking black market and counterfeit medications. Operation Misused Medicines (MisMed), backed by Europol and now in its third phase, took place between… Read More
3rd March 2020
OCCRP—Luxury cars line the parking lot of the upscale Mandarin Plaza mall in Kyiv, while their well-heeled owners flaunt their wealth in its jewellery and designer clothes stores. But hidden on its upper floors, protected by armed guards and under the constant surveillance of security cameras, a very different… Read More