25th May 2016
U.S. senators have questioned whether India's deal to develop a port in Iran violates international sanctions, and the State Department said it is examining the question. Read More
20th May 2016
Investing in Iran is being held up by a lack of trust in market infrastructure and concern lingering sanctions will penalize western companies, money managers said at a conference in London. Read More
20th May 2016
Tough sanctions on Iran that hammered its oil exports may have helped the country cope with the commodities slump by forcing it to diversify its economy. Read More
18th May 2016
More than half of global companies interested in doing business with Iran are holding back for fear of running afoul of sanctions that remain in place even after its nuclear deal with world powers, a new survey shows. Read More
17th May 2016
South Korean President Park Geun-hye visited Iran earlier this month, pledging to forge ahead and establish a new era of relations with Tehran built on closer economic cooperation. During the three-day visit, Park and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani agreed to 30 joint economic projects, totaling more than $37.1 billion. The two sides also agreed to more than 50 memorandums of understanding dealing with everything from infrastructure cooperation and joint energy ventures to work on medical and health care projects. Read More
16th May 2016
Washington taking ‘odd position’ by asking Europe’s banks to engage with Iran while restricting US firms from doing so, says bank Read More
12th May 2016
The good times have ended for Indian refiners who were getting crude oil from Iran. Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan today told Parliament that Iran has ended free shipping of crude oil to India and Indian refiners have been asked to arrange their own freight. Read More
11th May 2016
Businesses around the world are using the United States as an excuse to avoid doing business with Iran, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday as he declared the Islamic Republic "open for business" for European banks. Read More
9th May 2016
The Islamic Republic of Iran has mounted a full court press to persuade the global financial community to overlook its long rap sheet of financial crimes. In recent weeks, two of the Islamic Republic's most savvy diplomats were on the offensive to persuade the Obama administration to green light Iran's access to U.S. dollar transactions. Read More
20th April 2016
Iran may technically be open to foreign investors after a nuclear deal with Western powers, but many sanctions remain, deterring potential business partners who fear the US could hit them again with punishing fines. Read More