24th January 2017
The Israeli Tax Authority has put forward a draft tax guideline on how to treat Bitcoin. The announcement on the 11 January 2017 in their official publication sets out these proposed guidelines. Read More
23rd January 2017
Roni Alsheich says he believes police will transfer the material for the prosecution to decide within next few weeks, adding that disagreements with the prosecution center around interpretation of evidence. Read More
11th January 2017
The Netanyahus are no stranger to controversy over their lifestyle, who finances it and how they treat their employees. Read More
9th January 2017
Israeli media have reported the existence of an audiotape that is increasing pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing an inquiry into corruption allegations. Read More
6th January 2017
Israeli police have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a second time as part of an inquiry into corruption allegations. Read More
5th January 2017
Beny Steinmetz, owner of mining group BSG Resources, has been released without charge by Israeli police after being held under house arrest in connection with bribery allegations. Read More
2nd January 2017
Israeli media say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to face pair of corruption charges, which he says are "baseless". Read More
30th December 2016
The scandal surrounding mining group ENRC is one of the worst to have ever hit the City. Read More
23rd December 2016
The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice jointly fined Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited TEVA, +1.48% the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world, $519 million on Thursday to settle parallel civil and criminal charges that it allegedly violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when it paid bribes to foreign government officials in Russia, Ukraine, and Mexico between 2002 and 2012. Read More
20th December 2016
Steinmetz alleged to have arranged bribes so his company could secure iron ore rights in poor west African country. Read More