7th July 2016
Arnaud Mimran was convicted of fraud charges in what has been dubbed the 'fraud of the century.' He has separately claimed to have deposited 170,000 euros in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's account. Read More
30th June 2016
£ – Tel Aviv prosecutors on Wednesday filed a long-awaited indictment against a father and son who the state alleged concealed 760 million shekels ($197 million) in revenues from tax collectors. The indictment for tax evasion and money laundering was filed against Boris Weissman and his son, Avissar Weissman, who… Read More
21st June 2016
Nineteen people were arrested by the Israel Tax Authority on Monday on suspicions they were involved in fraud, tax violations and money laundering to the tune of 200 million shekels ($51.8 milion). Those detailed included Adi Zim, a principal in the public traded checking clearing company SR Accord and a… Read More
20th June 2016
srael’s banking regulator has approved the appointment of Arik Pinto as the new chief executive officer of Bank Hapoalim, the country’s biggest bank said on Sunday. Pinto, the bank’s deputy CEO, will replace Zion Kenan. His starting date has yet to be determined, the bank said in a brief statement. Read More
7th June 2016
The scam had all the trappings of a major con. Working from a dingy office building just a short drive from the glittering Mediterranean Sea, eight immigrants from Europe formed an unlikely team that allegedly conspired to dupe major multinational companies out of millions of dollars. Read More
6th June 2016
Israel's attorney general has ordered a criminal investigation into allegations of corruption by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read More
4th May 2016
Siemens AG will pay Israel 160 million shekels ($43 million) to settle a decade-old corruption case in which the German group was accused of bribing executives at a state-owned utility to win contracts, Israeli authorities said Read More
20th April 2016
Investigators believe some $200 million were laundered with the help of Israelis both at home and abroad. Read More
22nd March 2016
Law, which still requires Knesset approval, would regard tax evasion as money laundering and bring stiffer penalties. Read More
10th March 2016
The charges also include fraud, breach of public trust, fraudulent receipt of a benefit under aggravated circumstances, theft, money-laundering, tax violations and conspiracy to commit a felony. Read More