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Hezbollah warns U.S. over sanctions against Iran and allies

Lebanon’s Hezbollah raised the prospect of retaliation by Iran and its allies over U.S. sanctions, saying on Wednesday that all options were on the table were Washington to take steps that “threaten our nation”. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the heavily armed Iranian-backed Shi’ite group, said the United States’ move… Read More

Hezbollah sanctions harming Lebanon, says President Aoun

U.S. sanctions on Hezbollah are harming Lebanon as a whole, President Michel Aoun said on Thursday ahead of a visit to the country by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The United States deems the heavily armed, Iran-backed Hezbollah group a terrorist organization and has been steadily increasing financial sanctions… Read More

UK to Ban Hezbollah’s Political Wing

The UK will blacklist Hezbollah’s political wing over the group’s alleged role in destabilizing Syria, Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced Monday. The move, which requires parliamentarian approval and is expected to take effect as early as Friday, would follow proscriptions of the Shi’ite group’s External Security Organisation in 2001 and… Read More
7th December 2018
AP — A Lebanese businessman accused of providing millions of dollars to the Hezbollah militant group pleaded guilty Thursday and admitted his role in a money laundering conspiracy in an effort to evade U.S. sanctions, the Justice Department said. Kassim Tajideen, 63, of Beirut, was accused… Read More
Tom Devlin interviews Gary Osen, a high profile attorney and expert on the Anti-Terrorism Act. Read More
11th December 2017
9 December 2017 REUTERS Arab foreign ministers late on Saturday urged the United States to abandon its decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying the move would increase violence throughout the region. The announcement by President Donald Trump on Wednesday was a “dangerous violation of international law”, had no… Read More
13th November 2017
Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty ad Hariri, who resigned as Lebanon’s prime minister last week, says his country faces the risk of sanctions being imposed by Gulf Arab nations because of the Iran-backed Hizballah movement’s activities in Lebanon. Hariri made the comments in a television interview from Saudi Arabia on… Read More
31st January 2017
How do terrorists move money? This article examines six of the most widely used methods: cash couriers, informal transfer systems (e.g. hawala), money service businesses, formal banking, false trade invoicing, and high value commodities. Read More
21st October 2016
The U.S. Treasury moved to disrupt the fundraising and operation of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group on Thursday, imposing sanctions on four operatives and a firm that have assisted the organization, long seen as a terrorist outfit by Washington. In a related action, the U.S. State Department sanctioned Hezbollah commander Haytham… Read More
13th October 2016
Three associates of Hizbullah party suspected of laundering cocaine money for the Colombian cartel have been busted after agents said they illegally moved $500,000 into Miami banks through a series of complicated financial transactions stretching from Australia to Europe, the Miami Herald reported. Mohammed Ahmad Ammar, 31, is… Read More
23rd September 2016
NNA – Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, called for implementing international standards and issuing required regulations so as to combat money laundering and terror funding in the region. Salameh’s words came Friday in the 40th session of the Council of Arab Banks Governers, which took place in Rabat. Salameh was… Read More
11th July 2016
Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbollah, has mocked United States sanctions targeting funding for his group. In a speech broadcast by Al Manar, the Shiite party’s television station in Lebanon, Mr Nasrallah said the sanctions would have no effect. He said: “We do not have any business projects or… Read More
20th June 2016
After the bomb attack that hit the headquarters of Blom Bank in Beirut this month, US financial sanctions against Hizbollah are threatening to pose an internal problem for Lebanon. “For those who are not aware, most of the sanctions were initially directed against American banks that accept financial transactions… Read More