26th April 2016
A new institution has been set up in Dubai with the aim of fighting financial crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Read More
25th April 2016
Dubai has set up a new centre to position the emirate as a global financial and economic hub, and also to ensure financial stability and protection for its investments from crimes, state news agency WAM reported on Monday. Read More
25th April 2016
An appeals court has acquitted a senior official in the Saudi Ministry of Haj (pilgrimage) of corruption charges, overturning a previous court sentence to jail him for one year. Read More
20th April 2016
Washington wants Lebanon and other countries to prohibit Hezbollah from dealing with all international currencies and not only the dollar, a banker revealed Tuesday. Read More
20th April 2016
Iran may technically be open to foreign investors after a nuclear deal with Western powers, but many sanctions remain, deterring potential business partners who fear the US could hit them again with punishing fines. Read More
20th April 2016
Investigators believe some $200 million were laundered with the help of Israelis both at home and abroad. Read More
18th April 2016
Money launderers will likely try to slip into Qatar during the 2022 World Cup and attempt to take advantage of large volumes of cash changing hands during the tournament, a local expert has said. Read More
13th April 2016
BRUSSELS, April 13 The EU's foreign policy chief will lead a delegation of commissioners to Tehran on Saturday for the EU executive's highest-level talks in more than a decade, seeking to capitalise on last year's historic nuclear deal with Iran. Read More
12th April 2016
BEIRUT: The Central Bank has banned the issuance and use of prepaid cards in Lebanon in a move to tighten anti-money laundering and terrorism-funding measures. The decision was taken by the Central Bank Council on March 23 and said these types of cards can be used in money laundering and terrorism funding operations. Read More
Against a backdrop of big changes to U.S. sanctions in respect of both Iran and Cuba, A. Katherine Toomey, Cristian Francos and Aaron T. Wolfson of Lewis Baach PLLC explain how to access funds which had been frozen - until now Read More