27th June 2016
CIA plan to arm Syrian rebels undermined by theft of weapons by Jordanian intelligence agents, officials say. Read More
11th May 2016
Frances Guy was close to rolling out a program to feed hundreds of displaced people in war-torn Syria last year. Guy, the Middle East head of Christian Aid, had secured funds and found partners. But there was one obstacle she couldn’t overcome: The charity’s bank, Standard Chartered Plc, refused to transfer $50,000 to put the project in motion. Read More
10th May 2016
An IRIN investigation has found that a probe by a US government watchdog into corruption in aid delivery across the Turkey-Syria border runs deeper and involves more NGOs than previously reported. Corrupt sub-contracting and procurement fraud is undermining vital cross-border relief for desperate Syrians. USAID announced on 6 May that it… Read More
3rd March 2016
Islamic State terrorists are earning up to £14 million a month by funneling cash looted from Iraqi banks into legitimate currency speculation. Read More