16th April 2018
AP — President Donald Trump on Sunday defended his use of the phrase “Mission Accomplished” to describe a U.S.-led missile attack on Syria’s chemical weapons program, even as his aides stressed continuing U.S. troop involvement and plans for new economic sanctions against Russia for enabling the government of… Read More
4th December 2017
BBC The government has suspended a foreign aid project after a BBC Panorama investigation found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria. Officers from a UK-backed police force in Syria have also been working with courts carrying out brutal sentences. A UK government spokesman said it takes… Read More
1st November 2017
Hours after a truck driver mowed down eight cyclists, in what is being called the first deadly attack in New York since the 11 September, 2001 strikes, United States president Donald Trump said that he had ordered more robust “extreme vetting” of travellers coming into the country. “I have just… Read More
25th October 2017
The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on individuals and an entity which it said were linked to sponsoring terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued the designations targeting leaders, financiers and facilitators of the Islamic State and al-Qa’ida… Read More
29th September 2017
Reuters – A French court on Thursday found a mother-of-three guilty of financing terrorism after she sent money abroad to her radicalised son who later travelled to fight in Syria, sentencing her to two years in jail. In a case which could set precedent in France, Nathalie Haddadi, 42, a… Read More
17th July 2017
Britain has agreed to EU sanctions on sixteen members of the Syrian regime who are suspected of using chemical weapons on civilians. Senior military officers and scientists were among those hit with the sanctions, which follow reports of chlorine bombs and sarin nerve gas being used by Bashar al-Assad, the… Read More
26th May 2017
Syria and Venezuela plotted in recent years to evade international sanctions on Syria through a secret deal to transport its crude oil through Russia to the Caribbean. The previously undisclosed plan aimed to sell Syrian oil at a big discount to Venezuela through a Russian shell company, which would send… Read More
19th May 2017
The European Commission will be forced to draw up a new blacklist of countries that facilitate money laundering after the European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the latest effort that failed to consider countries that enable tax evasion. EU lawmakers voted 392-80, with 207 abstentions, to reject the list that includes 11… Read More
17th May 2017
The Trump administration has imposed a new round of sanctions on five people and five companies in Syria, the U.S. Treasury Department announced Tuesday. In a statement, the department cited Syria’s “relentless attacks on civilians” as grounds for the sanctions. A day earlier, the Trump administration accused Syria’s Assad regime… Read More
27th April 2017
As one of the world’s biggest sellers of smartphones and the back-end equipment that makes cellular networks run, Huawei Technologies has become one of the major symbols of China’s global technology ambitions. But as it continues its rise, its business with some… Read More