29th November 2017
KYC360 News European Union parliamentarians (MEPs) have called for a special inquiry into details of aggressive tax planning uncovered by the Paradise Papers. MEPs belonging to the Special Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (PANA) have called for the creation of a permanent standing committee to probe… Read More
21st November 2017
BBC Assets totalling nearly £59m have been confiscated from criminals connected to Jersey over a 10-year period, figures obtained by the BBC show. A transparency campaigner said the return was “relatively modest” for an island “vulnerable” to money laundering. Island authorities believe the amount demonstrates financial crime is being… Read More
20th November 2017
KYC360 News Certain groups within the European Union are deliberately delaying progress on a new anti-money laundering (AML) law in order to stall plans for public beneficial ownership registers, the EU parliamentarians charged with steering the legal process have warned. The latest negotiations on the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD)… Read More
15th November 2017
By Francesco Guarascio, REUTERS The European Union has called very publicly for Malta to bring to justice the killers of a journalist who accused the Mediterranean island’s leaders of profiting from global corruption. But it has for years been much less vocal — and had little success — in ensuring… Read More
13th November 2017
Jersey Evening Post An ‘offshore magic circle’ of law firms – including Jersey companies – are ‘terrified’ of the risk to their businesses following the Paradise Papers data leak, according to a Financial Times report. But according to sources quoted by the FT, they are also poised to steal the… Read More
13th November 2017
KYC360 News Members of a criminal gang comprising a banker, lawyer and other professionals, have been jailed for a $107.9 million tax fraud scheme. The six men, who were given sentences totalling 45 years, devised a fake eco-investment plot as a tax break for rich investors. “The scheme enticed high… Read More
13th November 2017
By Scilla Alecci, ICIJ From film stars to famous manga artists, journalists working on the Paradise Papers investigation have followed the money to cities where the streets do have names – and where local authorities, in at least one case, were asking questions. Files from the Maltese corporate registry revealed… Read More
10th November 2017
British shell companies have been linked to 52 money laundering scandals involving 80 billion pounds in the past 14 years, according to researchers at campaign group Transparency International. Tax evasion and financial crime has shot to the top of the international agenda in recent days… Read More
9th November 2017
Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International UK has found more than 760 companies registered in the UK were directly involved in laundering stolen money from at least 13 countries, as part of analysis of 52 cases of global corruption worth £80bn. This new research, Hiding in Plain Sight, claims companies are used… Read More
9th November 2017
More than 200 global economic crime experts have identified key areas for international action following the Fifth OECD Forum on Tax and Crime, in London. In a week dominated by media coverage of offshore issues, the forum brought experts on tax, customs, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering,… Read More