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Pakistani court declares ex-PM Sharif fugitive from justice

AP – A top Pakistani court on Wednesday declared the country’s ailing former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who lives in exile in London, a fugitive from justice after he failed to return home to face additional corruption charges. The move by the Islamabad High Court comes… Read More

Down the Bitcoin Funnel: The Tech Firms Driving Investors to Ruin with Fake Celebrity News

By Dada Lyndell, OCCRP, 1 December 2020 OCCRP — Ingrid Hernvall was scrolling through Facebook when she saw exciting news. It was a story — laid out just like an article in a proper newspaper — featuring two of Sweden’s biggest television personalities. The two men spoke of a… Read More

UK’s Big Four auditors await shake-up as corruption probes add up

Britain’s audit sector, dominated by the so-called Big Four accountancy giants, is shortly expected to discover how it must reinvent itself amid a series of probes into alleged corruption, including one linked to the collapse of German electronic payments group Wirecard. UK authorities want the industry to separate audit and… Read More
2nd December 2020
A U.K. civil court froze up to $5 billion in assets including stakes in luxury hotels, cash in bank accounts in half a dozen countries and a Burger King franchise, as part of an international legal saga that ensnared Kazakhstan’s richest businessmen, according to court documents. The Business and Property… Read More
2nd December 2020
Gardaí are investigating an alleged €400 million fraud at electronic payments company Wirecard’s Irish arm, the High Court heard on Monday. The firm, which has its headquarters in Germany, reported in June that €1.9 billion was missing from its accounts, prompting an inquiry that led to the arrest… Read More
1st December 2020
Three weeks ago, police entered a brothel in south-east England after receiving intelligence about criminal activity there. Inside, they found eight Romanian women wearing face shields and masks, and laminated Covid-19 health and safety sheets on the wall. An industrial-size bottle of hand sanitiser stood by the front door. “On… Read More
1st December 2020
Deutsche Bank AG executives want to expand in Russia despite a legacy of missteps and massive fines. Outside monitors who watch over the bank’s money-laundering controls said it should shut the business instead, according to a person familiar with the communications. The monitors, appointed by New York state’s Department of… Read More
30th November 2020
The UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency) has unveiled details of a project to reform the SAR (suspicious activity report) regime, amid a large increase in the number of submissions from financial institutions and other reporting entities. The NCA received over 570,000 SARs in the year to March 2020, an increase… Read More
30th November 2020
It was perhaps the world’s most expensive wedding; an extravaganza costing tens of millions of pounds with performances by Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique Iglesias, a fleet of Rolls Royces to ferry the guests and a 20-year-old bride wearing a $1m dress and a $5m crown. The groom, Said Gutseriev,… Read More
26th November 2020
As much as £1bn in benefit fraud has been prevented from being paid to organised-crime groups in recent months, BBC News has learned. But before the scam was spotted, officials unwittingly confirmed thousands of stolen identities. Fraudsters took advantage of looser rules introduced to cope with a surge of universal credit… Read More
24th November 2020
A longstanding critic of Kremlin corruption has accused NatWest of closing his bank account in the UK because it had been influenced by an intense and pervasive “black PR” campaign mounted against him by Russian actors in their home country. “Black PR” is a term referring to a series of… Read More
20th November 2020
Swiss prosecutors are close to ending a decade-old probe into alleged money laundering tied to a $230 million tax-fraud case pursued by Sergei Magnitsky, whose death in a Russian jail prompted the U.S. to enact laws targeting those responsible. The Swiss federal prosecutors outlined their intention to close the case… Read More
19th November 2020
The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is calling for additional reforms to the country’s system for reporting suspicious transactions in an effort to scale back the volume of defensive filings it receives, the Financial Times reported Thursday. Although the Home Office has launched a “transformation programme” aimed at overhauling… Read More