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Bankrolling Tyranny: The Tatmadaw’s Military-Run Business Empire

By Farley Sweatman, Strife, 5 May 2021 Strife — In the early morning of February 1, 2021, the Tatmadaw (the official name for the armed forces of Myanmar) staged a coup to reclaim its status as the sole source of political power in the country by… Read More

Myanmar’s U.N. envoy tells U.S. lawmakers more sanctions needed

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations told the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that Washington should target the state-run Myanmar oil and gas company and a state-owned bank with sanctions. Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun, a representative of elected lawmakers who oppose Myanmar’s military junta, also warned that the crisis triggered by… Read More

Hundreds of NGOs Reject Venezuelan Rule Obliging the Disclosure of Beneficiaries

By Jullet Pineda, OCCRP, 21 April 2021 OCCRP — Hundreds of non-governmental organizations in Venezuela rejected a new law that requires them to fully disclose information about both their beneficiaries and their donors on a government platform. More than 660 NGOs signed a… Read More
14th April 2021
Libyan authorities have released a man described as one of the world’s most wanted human traffickers, who was placed under sanctions by the UN security council for being directly involved in the sinking of migrant boats. The coastguard commander Abd al-Rahman Milad, known by his alias Bija, is suspected of… Read More
8th April 2021
By Sadie Brown, OCCRP, 7 April 2021 OCCRP — The U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) asked last week for the public to comment on a series of questions about the new beneficial ownership reporting requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), according to an… Read More
6th April 2021
AP — Japan extended its own sanctions against North Korea for another two years as Pyongyang continues to develop its nuclear weapons without any progress in resolving the abductions of Japanese nationals. Japan bans all trade between the countries and prohibits North Korean-registered ships from entering… Read More
30th March 2021
An alleged fuel smuggler paid a hefty FIAU fine issued to his accountant who stands charged with money laundering, a court heard on Monday. Auditor Chris Baldacchino stands accused of having been the brains behind the laundering of illicit funds for an organised crime group allegedly involved in a €30million… Read More
30th March 2021
Independent U.N. sanctions monitors have withdrawn accusations against Yemen’s government of money-laundering and corruption that they said “adversely affected” access to food supplies in a country on the brink of famine, a document showed. The experts had said in an annual report to the U.N. Security Council that Yemen’s central… Read More
29th March 2021
Iran said its only nuclear power plant could stop operating this year as the country struggles to keep the unit running because of sanctions. The Bushehr nuclear power station is “facing the risk of shutdown” because U.S. banking restrictions have made it difficult for the Islamic Republic to transfer money… Read More
26th March 2021
A village watchman trains his binoculars on a suspicious fishing boat — the first line of defence as Thailand braces for a fresh methamphetamine influx after a coup in neighbouring Myanmar. The kingdom’s narcotics bureau has already seized more than 80 million “yaba” pills just in the past six months,… Read More
24th March 2021
An alleged spy has become the first North Korean to go on trial in America, on charges of covering up the smuggling of wine, whisky, cognac and cigarettes destined for the elite circle surrounding Kim Jong-un. Mun Chol-myong, 55, appeared in court in Washington after his arrest in Malaysia, where… Read More
9th March 2021
An Israeli-Canadian lobbyist hired by Myanmar’s junta has downplayed the military’s coup in the country, claiming the generals will leave politics shortly, seek to improve relations with the US and plan to distance themselves from China. Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli Military Intelligence official who has previously represented Zimbabwe’s Robert… Read More
4th March 2021
The legitimacy of Libya’s new interim prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has been thrown into doubt by a UN inquiry finding that he allegedly gained power after his supporters offered bribes as high as $200,000 to attract votes. His supporters allegedly offered the money in a hotel in Tunis where… Read More