6th May 2016
FIFA ethics judges have imposed life bans on two South American football officials who have pleaded guilty in the United States to corruption charges. Read More
5th May 2016
Former Fifa vice-president Jeffrey Webb is facing a lifetime ban from football after Fifa's ethics committee opened proceedings against him. Read More
22nd April 2016
FIFA's former vice-president and ex president of Uruguay's football association Eugenio Figueredo is under home arrest following prostate surgery. Read More
20th April 2016
Disgraced former FIFA vice-chairman Jeffrey Webb has admitted abusing his position with the governing body to obtain bribes. Read More
19th April 2016
A US judge released transcripts Monday of guilty pleas from three prominent defendants in the sweeping Fifa corruption investigation in which they expressed regret and suggested that bribery in the organization was widespread. Read More
14th April 2016
Displaying the significant resources that have been put toward the Justice Department’s investigation of corruption in international soccer, eight federal prosecutors and 15 defense lawyers appeared before a judge on Wednesday to discuss bringing the case to trial early next year. Read More
7th April 2016
FIFA's ethics watchdog has opened formal proceedings against Colombia's Miguel Trujillo after he pleaded guilty last month in US federal court to four counts, including conspiracy to commit money-laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Read More
6th April 2016
The new head of world football has been caught up in the sport’s corruption scandal because of documents that have been revealed by the Panama Papers leak. Read More
26th February 2016
Members of FIFA have overwhelmingly voted to approve new anti-corruption reforms as they prepare to elect a new president. Read More