6th May 2016
WASHINGTON: In the wake of the public firestorm sparked by the Panama Papers scandal, the Obama administration has announced several new rules to combat financial crimes and close current loopholes in the US system that allow foreigners to hide assets in American accounts. Read More
5th May 2016
PM hopes body that would help investigators track down tax evasion will be summit’s legacy in wake of Panama Papers revelations. Read More
5th May 2016
Former Fifa vice-president Jeffrey Webb is facing a lifetime ban from football after Fifa's ethics committee opened proceedings against him. Read More
28th April 2016
The massive bribery scandal that has enraged Brazilians and pushed President Dilma Rousseff to the verge of impeachment is just one flashpoint among many right now across Latin America. Read More
27th April 2016
Pressure over the Panama Papers on the Government is rising after a poll showed a majority of New Zealanders were concerned about the country's new reputation as a tax haven. Read More
27th April 2016
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) will release on May 9 a searchable database with information on more than 200,000 offshore entities that are part of the so-called Panama Papers leak of confidential files. Read More
26th April 2016
Three people go on trial in Luxembourg today (26 April) over the so-called LuxLeaks scandal that exposed the country’s huge tax breaks for major international companies, with the issue riding high after the recent Panama Papers revelations. Read More
22nd April 2016
FIFA's former vice-president and ex president of Uruguay's football association Eugenio Figueredo is under home arrest following prostate surgery. Read More
21st April 2016
Prosecuting individual executives for fraud, bribery and corruption will help deter the crime, a study finds. Read More
20th April 2016
Disgraced former FIFA vice-chairman Jeffrey Webb has admitted abusing his position with the governing body to obtain bribes. Read More