3rd August 2017
A lawyer who filed one of the seven appeals against Magistrate Ian Farrugia’s decision to launch an inquiry into money laundering allegations, said that the clients are arguing that the request is “procedurally wrong”. MaltaToday has been refused a copy of the appeal application by the courts, but one of… Read More
28th July 2017
Nawaz Sharif has resigned as prime minister of Pakistan following a decision by the country’s Supreme Court to disqualify him from office. The ruling came after a probe into his family’s wealth following the 2015 Panama Papers dump linking Mr Sharif’s children to offshore companies. Mr Sharif has consistently denied… Read More
7th July 2017
The G20 summit is starting in Hamburg today and the Netherlands is participating for the first time in seven years, at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel. And while the Netherlands is excited about taking part in the summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his delegation may face some… Read More
6th July 2017
High profile cases, including those linked to the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ leak of April 2016, have increased public pressure on HMRC to pursue those suspected of hiding income and assets offshore, according to Pinsent Masons tax investigations expert Paul Noble. “Enlisting the assistance of foreign tax authorities in tax investigations… Read More
15th June 2017
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to appear before the Panamagate joint investigation team (JIT) on Thursday, which is probing allegations of money-laundering against his family. Read More
6th June 2017
The German upper house of Parliament, the Bundesrat, passed a bill June 2 to stymie tax evasion through letterbox companies as part of a wider crackdown on illegal tax practices in light of last year’s Panama Papers scandal. The bill, which will become law after being signed by the German… Read More
5th June 2017
The Panama Papers story broke last year. As far as I am concerned, it is perhaps the most impactful revelation ever regarding the misuse of corporate secrecy, tax evasion and hidden wealth around the world. The revelation has triggered resignations of top officials around the world, while also sparking investigations… Read More
22nd May 2017
The arrest of Adam Cranston over an alleged $165 million tax fraud could have serious consequences for the Australian Taxation Office and even the investigation into the Panama Papers, Senator Nick Xenophon says. Adam Cranston is the son of deputy tax commissioner, Michael Cranston, who is now facing a charge… Read More
16th May 2017
Norbert Walter-Borjans has been busy turning himself into the public scourge of German tax cheats and foreign tax havens. Having already riled Switzerland by buying CDs with stolen bank account data – and then accusing the Alpine state of spying on his tax offices – North Rhine-Westphalia’s finance minister criticized… Read More
12th May 2017
Following last year’s leak of confidential financial documents from a Panama law firm, a United Nations rights expert yesterday called on the countries’ authorities to continue to impose greater due diligence on financial and banking institutions. Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky said that such reforms would enable parties to prevent and denounce… Read More