25th May 2016
A joint CBC/Toronto Star investigation based on the Panama Papers provides the closing chapter in a years-long saga involving Canadian tycoon Victor Dahdaleh, which saw him battle criminal charges and a billion-dollar lawsuit on two continents over an international bribery scandal — all the while forging close ties with a trio of Canadian universities. Read More
25th May 2016
U.S. officials say he “enriched himself” with $400 million (U.S.) in mark-ups and paid tens of millions of dollars in bribes to Bahraini officials, a Toronto Star/CBC investigation has found. Read More
20th May 2016
An offshore company opened for a man involved in the sale of the State energy provider, was “a text book case of suspected money laundering” which merited investigation, Shadow Justice Minister Jason Azzopardi said today. Read More
18th May 2016
Ineffective anti-money laundering controls in some banks have come to light recently in Panama, Honduras and Guatemala and reputational risk could spread throughout the region. This brings another layer of risks to the region's banks and exposes them to heightened event risk, says Fitch Ratings. Read More
12th May 2016
Heating up the debate on Panama Papers controversy, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman has called Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the ‘king of corruption’. Read More
11th May 2016
Any Government move to quickly extend anti-money laundering laws to include lawyers, accountants and real estate agents is not a solution to dealing with foreign trusts, says an industry expert. Read More
7th May 2016
The anonymous source behind the leak of the Panama Papers has spoken for the first time, offering to help law authorities make prosecutions in return for immunity. Read More
6th May 2016
WASHINGTON: In the wake of the public firestorm sparked by the Panama Papers scandal, the Obama administration has announced several new rules to combat financial crimes and close current loopholes in the US system that allow foreigners to hide assets in American accounts. Read More
5th May 2016
PM hopes body that would help investigators track down tax evasion will be summit’s legacy in wake of Panama Papers revelations. Read More
27th April 2016
Pressure over the Panama Papers on the Government is rising after a poll showed a majority of New Zealanders were concerned about the country's new reputation as a tax haven. Read More