47 people questioned in relation to Dutch WhatsApp scam
10 Jun 2021

The police in the Oost-Brabant district have questioned 47 suspects over potential involvement in pulling “friend-in-need” WhatsApp scams. With this type of fraud, scammers approach their victims via messaging services or social media claiming to be the victim’s family members or friends in an emergency. They then request money to be transferred to their account.

”Most people have received such a text on their phone at some point. And despite the many warnings and prevention campaigns, people still fall for it every day and lose hundreds if not thousands of euros,” the police stated.

The ages of suspects range from 14 to 62, with the largest group consisting of young people. ”In addition, in various ongoing investigations, another 10 suspects are in the picture and arrests will certainly follow,” the police said.

In order to combat this form of fraud in a more targeted manner, the East Netherlands cybercrime team launched a national approach in 2020. The aim of this was to combat this form of crime, which is often committed in an organized manner.

The investigations revealed that almost all suspects turned out to belong to vulnerable groups. They are said to be people struggling with debts, suffering from drug addiction, or receiving benefits.

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